Balika Vadhu 2 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 8th October 2021 Episode starts with Anandi dancing with the girls while dhol is being played. The lady looks at Anandi and smiles. She says she is dancing like an apsara, awesome. Anandi dances and falls down.

Everyone claps for her. Other dancer gets jealous of her. The lady offers 100 Rs to Anandi and says people lived your dance and gave extra money to us. Anandi recalls Maadi Baa’s words and thinks why did she get angry on me. The lady asks Anandi to take the money and says God shall keep you blessed. Anandi takes it and says thanks, I am leaving. The lady asks if she is going somewhere?

Anandi says I am going to my parents’ house. She says she was staying in her Kaku’s house, but his family members are bad and that’s why she is leaving. The lady asks did you tell them that you are going? Anandi says I will call them after reaching home. The lady asks Anandi to have something.

Anandi says I will miss my bus. The lady tells that she will bring water for her and tells her husband that they shall keep the girl with them, she will be beautiful when grown up, but she will not stay here easily, we have to do something. She pretends to get the call and tells there is no bus, there is bus strike. Anandi says how we will go there. The lady asks where you was going? Anandi says Devgarh.

The lady tells that she will drop her, as they go by tempo. She asks a girl to take Anandi to her room and make her rest. Anandi sees Prem ji and thinks he is searching me. Prem ji tells Kumar that Anandi might have come here. Anandi tells the lady that he is her Kaku, and if he sees her then will take her away, and asks her not to tell him. The lady asks the girls to surround her and tells Anandi that even she don’t want her to go from here. Prem ji searches her and tells Kumar that this place is not good, we shall search her somewhere else. Anandi sees him leaving and tells the lady. The lady asks the girl to take her inside.

Anandi thinks this place is good. The girl asks her to sit silently. The lady scolds the girl. Khim ji and Ratan are on the way to Prem ji’s house. Khimji says we will bring back Anandi somehow. Sejal cries for Anandi. Diwari blames Sejal for giving her so much love and says that girl has become headache for everyone. Moti Baa asks Diwari not to blame Sejal. Maadi Baa comes there and asks Diwari to be quiet. She says nothing will happen with accusing each other. She asks Devraj to come with her, and says they will bring their grand daughter in law. Jigar says even I shall search her. He also leaves.

The girl comes to Anandi’s room and opens the bag and takes out 100 rs. Anandi asks why did she open her bag? The girl says this is my money. Anandi says you can take the money, and tells that Kaki promised to drop me home. The girl tells that she is innocent and tells that Champa Kaki has planned to keep her here all life and then make her dance, if she don’t dance, then they will beat her with belt.

She shows her injuries. She takes Anandi with her. Anandi hears Champa and her husband talking about Anandi and planning not to go to Devgarh. Champa says we will go anywhere, but not Devgarh. Anandi comes to Champa and says I thought you are good, but you are so bad. The lady says I will keep you lovingly here, and will give you more love than your parents. Anandi asks her to leave her ahnd and let her go. She bites Champa’s hands and runs away. Champa asks her husband to catch the girl. Other girl looks at Anandi.

Devraj tells Maadi Baa that Prem ji and Kumar must be searching her everywhere. Maadi Baa says she must have gone to temple. Jigar is searching Anandi and hopes he finds her. He asks where are you Anandi. Aanndi runs. Champa and her husband catch and hold her hands. Anandi asks them to let her go. They bring her back to their place. Champa says I will see how you will laugh, when you don’t see your parents. She asks other guy to close the door and keep eye on the girl.

Anandi prays to the goddess to help her. She thinks when she can elope from there, then she will never accept defeat from these people. She sees a window and opens it. She sees the girls dancing there, and opens the other window. She sees Champa and her husband sitting and talking. She thinks everyone is busy, I shall elope from here, this is the right chance to escape. She stops the fan and tears the wire with her teeth. She knocks on the door and tells that she is very thirsty and asks for water. The guy gives her water. Anandi tells him that the fan is not working and asks him to check it.

The guy says you are showing tantrums. Anandi asks him to ask Champa ad says she called me golden hen, and asks him to ask Champa, else she will ask her to get it repaired. The guy says he will check fan and asks her not to try to escape. Anandi says why will I run, repair the fan. While he is busy fixing, Anandi crawls and comes out. She then runs. Champa comes to the room and asks where is the girl. The guy says she must have ran away. Champa asks him to run and tells that the golden hen escaped again. Anandi runs.

Voiceover: Children often fail to foresee potential dangers and inadvertently take further steps in the wrong direction.


Balika Vadhu 2 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Khim ji and Ratan come to Prem ji’s house and tells that they were missing Anandi so came. Ratan asks where is Anandi? Sejal looks shocked. Anandi runs and falls down. She sees Champa and her men behind her.


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