Balika Vadhu 2 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 8th November 2021 Episode starts with Anandi thanking Anand for saving her. He asks if she stays here. Anandi says she is from Prem ji kaku’s house. He asks if she is from his family. Anandi is about to tell that she is their bahu, but then stops. Mehul’s wife Bhairavi stops him from having tea.

Mehul says we are on holiday. Bhairavi stops him and tells Prem ji that his wife warns him from overeating and says love you. He hugs her. She hugs her. They sit closely. Maadi Baa asks if you stop your husband. Bhairavi says if I don’t stop, then he will finish everything. Prem ji tells Sejal that he got 2 crores in his account. Anandi and Anand come there. Anandi says I met her on the way.

Bhairavi says where did you fall down? Sejal also questions Anandi. Anand says we were trying to save the puppy, and calls her Anandi. He tells his mom that she is Anandi. Bhairavi asks Sejal who is she? Prem ji says he is my special friend’s daughter Anandi. She came to study here. Mehul tells Anand that Anandi stays away from home, to study in a good school. Anand says that’s why our name is similar.

Mehul asks why is she sad? Bhairavi asks what happened? Maadi Baa says she misses her parents. Sejal introduces Kanku and Jigar to Anand. Anandi greets them. Jigar takes him to show his room. Bhairavi asks Anandi to come. Jigar shows his room to Anand. Aanndi gets a call. Jigar asks if he is active on social media. Anand asks him to give his user id. He then asks for Kanku’s user id.

He says I have sent the request to both of you. Anand asks about Anandi’s user id. Anandi says I don’t have phone, I never needed it. Anand says that was shocking, how you communicate. Anandi says like that small dog was communicating with us. Anand says it is amazing answer. Kanku gets her boyfriend’s call and goes. Anand asks her to tell about her village, her parents and about herself. Anandi recalls the moments spent with them and goes.

Everyone eats the food at the dining table. Bhairavi tells Anandi that she is masterchef and made tasty food. Mehul gets a call and says his PA called, and Bhairav and I have to go to Delhi. He says but Anand will get bored. Prem ji says Anand can stay here with us and will celebrate Diwali with us. Anand agrees.

Prem ji says Anand can stay in Jigar’s room. Anand asks if Jigar has no problem. Jigar says no problem. Anand asks Anandi to take him to local market to buy mud stuff. Anandi says ok. Jigar and Anand ask for a piece of paatra. Everyone laugh. Anandi thinks whom to give and is about to cut the piece. Anand says give it to Jigar, and tells that he will have dhokla. Anandi gives it to Jigar.

Kanku asks Jigar to show her how to catch the ball. Jigar refuses. Anand says I will teach you. Kanku goes with him. Jigar thinks he is oversmart, has habits of girls and asks how he will teach her basketball. He looks at them from the window. Anand asks Kanku to catch and plays with her. He sees Anandi and asks her to catch. Anandi catches the ball. He asks her to come and play with them. Anandi says I have work and goes. Anand tells Kanku that she shall learn with Anandi.

Jigar thinks I taught Anandi. Kanku thanks him. Jigar thinks he really taught her and thinks I thought he doesn’t know anything rather than clicking pics of mud pots. He comes to Prem ji and Sejal and asks until when Anand will stay here. Sejal says he will celebrate Diwali with us. Maadi Baa tells Jigar that after Prem ji, he has to handle the business. She says Mehul is helping Prem ji and we are celebrating Diwali due to Anand.

He says if Bhanu would have been alive then she would have done the same. Sejal asks Jigar not to lose good friends. Jigar asks Maadi Baa to make Anandi smile and says you have to try more and find new ways. He says it is your responsibility, she is your wife, if she smiles then our house will get its life.

Sejal asks Jigar to call other children and decorate the house. Prem ji says I wish Jigar and Anand become good friends and praises Anand. Sejal asks him not to compare jigar with Anand. Prem ji says I want him to learn good things from him and says I am his father. He wishes to see Anandi happy. Sejal says you can’t do it by force. Prem ji says I want to hear her laughing in this house.

Voiceover: The tender heart of a little hurt girl can only be relieved by good-naturedness. Otherwise even lakhs of temptations cannot bring back the smile on his face.

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