Balika Vadhu 2 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 7th October 2021 Episode starts with Prem ji telling Maadi Baa that the marriage happened but Anandi and Jigar are not aware of it. Maadi baa asks did you lie to them? Prem ji says we didn’t tell truth to anyone. Maadi Baa asks what was the need to lie? She asks if marriage is a crime, then why did you lie.

Prem ji says Anandi and jigar were small when they get married. Anandi looks at her family pic and asks why didn’t you take me with you. She says she never disobeyed elders, and played gauna game, kept fast too, grinded moong too in chakki, and never gave misbehaved with anyone. Maadi Baa feels bad for Anandi and says the little girl is bearing all this, and came here to fulfill Moti Baa’s wish.

Anandi tells that why Kaku don’t understand that I miss my family, thinks I shouldn’t have stayed here. She thinks Diwari and Jigar are bad, she don’t want to stay here. Maadi Baa says I was surrounded by fake people, I didn’t know that my own family will betray me. Anandi thinks how to call her parents, think shall I ask Jigar?

Maadi Baa asks who thought that I shall not know the truth and asks if I was a stranger? Diwari says we all respect you, and that’s why we were quiet. Maadi Baa says you all made me do all the things and that’s called respecting me. Anandi comes to Jigar’s room, thinks she can’t take phone from him. She thinks how to call bapu?

She thinks she can go home alone, as everyone tells that I am grown up and makes me do all grown up work. Maadi Baa says I am stranger to you all, but Anandi is dear to you all, what Anandi will feel if she comes to know about the truth. Sejal says we thought and asks Khim ji and Ratan to say, but something happened and they can’t say the truth.

Maadi Baa asks if you will continue this fake drama. Anandi thinks of the tortures due to Maadi Baa and Diwari. She recalls getting scolded by Maadi Baa, Prem ji getting angry on her, Maadi Baa locking the storeroom. She packs her stuff and asks the toys to stay safe, as she is going to her house.

Maadi Baa says nobody asked me before, so why are you asking me now? She says I didn’t know that I will be the reason of trouble for you all and specially Anandi. Anandi silently comes out of the room and walks towards the door. She sees temple and stops.

Maadi Baa regrets to come there, leaving Thakur ji’s temple. She asks them to leave her alone for sometime. Anandi prays to the goddess and opens the door to leave. She turns and looks back. She walks out of the house. Prem ji comes to Anandi’s room and calls her. He asks Sejal where did she go? Sejal says may be she went to play with Kanku.

They go to Jigar and Kanku and ask about Anandi. Anandi is walking on the road. Kanku says she was in your room. Prem ji says she was not there. Jigar says where did she go then? Kanku calls Anandi searching her. Anandi falls down as she walks and collides with a cycle rider. She says sorry and starts walking again.

Prem ji tells everyone that Anandi is not at home. Diwari says if she left home. Prem ji goes out with Kumar to search her. Kumar says Anandi will be found. Anandi comes to a shop and asks about the way to go to Devgarh. The guy says Devgarh is very far, you have to take bus. Prem ji comes back and asks Jigar to bring his car key. He asks Sejal to inform him, if Anandi returns. Sejal cries and prays for her safety. Prem ji is driving the car and tells Kumar that Anandi might not have gone far.

Anandi asks from where to catch the bus. The guy says on the bus stand. Anandi goes. Prem ji and Kumar come to the shop, where Anandi was standing few seconds back. Prem ji gets Khim ji’s call and gets tensed. He picks Khim ji’s call. Khim ji asks if Anandi’s school notes are received, as he couried it. Prem ji says I am busy, will talk to you later. He tells Kumar that she must have gone to bus stand. Ratan and Khim ji get doubtful. Sejal prays to the goddess and asks what face I will show to Ratan.

Moti Baa says Prem ji will bring her back. Sejal says Anandi is a girl child, if she gets trapped by wrong people then I can’t forgive myself. Anandi sees some girls dancing and thinks she had danced on this song with Godaveri bhabhi. She thinks they are dancing well. He hears a guy announcing if anyone wants to dance and compete with them. Anandi thinks if she shall dance as nobody is here to stop or to punish. She thinks if I dance this time, then I might reach my Maa and Babu.

Voiceover: Children are like delicate plants, wither in adversity, and always want to return to a favorable environment.


Balika Vadhu 2 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi dances with the girls. A woman asks for her name and tells the guy that they shall keep the girl with them, after asking Anandi where she was going.


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