Balika Vadhu 2 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 3rd November 2021 Episode starts with Sejal waking up Anandi in the morning. Anandi opens her eyes and says Kaki. Sejal asks her to get ready fast and says I have important work for you. Anandi asks if something needs to be cooked in kitchen. Sejal says more important work than that.

Diwari asks Maadi Baa why Sejal haven’t made tea till now. Prem ji calls Sejal and asks her to give tea. Jigar says even my tiffin is not ready. Kanku asks if anyone saw Mami? Sejal brings Anandi dressed in a school uniform. Maadi Baa gets shocked and angry. Prem ji is shocked too. Maadi Baa asks what is it? bahu will go to school. Sejal says I have decided that Anandi will go to school from today.

Diwari asks what do you mean, will you take the decisions? She says Maadi Baa is still here. Maadi Baa says you have hurt me and didn’t ask me even once. She says it seems Sejal bahu don’t agree with my decisions, and that’s why she started taking her own decisions. Sejal says I didn’t mean to hurt her, and tells that she has taken her decision thinking of Maadi Baa’s words, that she is our bhagyalakshmi. She says we shall take care of her and fulfill all her wishes.

She says we shall make sure that she has same upbringing as other kids. She says she will fulfill the duty of a bahu after coming back from school. She says I won’t let her childhood wasted and will make sure that Anandi will go to school like Jigar and Kanku. Diwari says Kanku is the daughter of the house, and rules are different for bahu and beti. Maadi Baa says yes, and says Anandi is not just bahu, she is our bhagyalakshmi and we have the duty to take care of her, and make her educated.

She says her happiness matters like other family members, so Anandi will go to school. Jigar and Kanku smiles. Prem ji says you have taken the right decision Maadi Baa. Maadi Baa says I have a condition, after coming back from home, Anandi has to stay as a good bahu. Sejal says ok, Anandi will be good bahu too.

She hugs Anandi and asks her to do hardwork. She asks Anandi to take blessings from Maadi Baa. Maadi Baa blesses her. Jigar and Kanku wishes best of luck to Anandi. Jigar congratulates her, and gives her pen. Kanku says it is your lucky pen. Jigar says I have two, you shall keep one, even you need luck. Anandi thanks him.

Anandi hears Jigar talking to his friend in English and gets worried. Kanku asks why are you worried? She says today is your first day, slowly you will get habitual too. Anandi says they talk in English here. She asks where is my class? Prem ji says first we will meet Principal. Jigar and Kanku go to their class.

Prem ji asks Anandi to give her hand. She recalls Prem ji kidnapping her and don’t give her hand in his hand. He asks her to come. He meets Principal and tells that my wife has talked about her. Principal asks do you know English. Prem ji says she doesn’t know English, and that’s why she is getting admitted in this School.

Anandi says I will ask my friends to talk to me in English and I will catch it soon. Principal asks if they refuse? Anandi says then I will ask Jigar and Kanku didi to talk to me in English. She says else you are there to guide me. Principal asks her to sit outside. Anandi sits outside. Peon comes to her and asks her to come with him, to the classroom. He takes her to the class. Teacher asks Anandi to come inside and sit. Anandi sits. Teacher asks her to take out her maths book. Anandi takes out her maths textbook. Teacher explains. Anandi looks on.

Jigar asks Anandi if she understood what teacher taught? Anandi says a little bit. Jigar says I don’t understand even now. Kanku says we will have lunch together. Anandi sees the hungry puppy and takes it in her lap. She feeds him food. She tells Kanku that she used to eat tiffin with her friend, and asks Kanku to have food with her friends. Jigar asks Anandi to tell him, if she has any problem in the school. Kanku tells that Jigar had run away when I was asking help. Jigar says I had important work. Anandi tells Jigar that she will tell him.

Later Maadi Baa sees Anandi working after coming from school. She says you shall take rest like other children. Anandi says I am bahu of the house, and you had told me that I shall do work after coming from school. Maadi Baa looks on. Anandi looks at her.

Voiceover: Child marriage snatches away childhood and makes children over-matured before time.


Balika Vadhu 2 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A boy saves Anandi from meeting with an accident. He introduces himself as Anand. Anandi introduces herself. They shake hands.


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