Balika Vadhu 2 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 3rd January 2022 Episode starts with Anandi waking up and seeing Jigar sleeping on the floor. She thinks if he is trying to keep this relation, then I should also try, I have to make this relation. She covers him with the blanket.

She goes out and sees Anandi sleeping outside the door. He wakes up and says I learnt that you had fever. She says you were sitting here all night. He says you have to be careful of Jigar. She says he is my husband,

I have to understand the limits of marriage. He says he is acting, he just wants to…. Jigar comes. He says she is right, I m trying to make a good relation with Anandi, try to understand, no one should come between.

Maadi Baa argues with Bhairavi and taunts her about Anand. Bhairavi says I explained Anand, he understood it, where is Anandi, doesn’t she want to have lunch. Maadi Baa says don’t know, maybe she is studying. She calls out Anandi. Anand says I will go and look for her. Bhairavi says she will come.

Anand says Anandi isn’t on terrace. Everyone looks for Anandi. Someone comes to Anandi. Maadi Baa says I will call Jigar. Anandi says I will call some friends. Maadi Baa calls Jigar. He asks what do you mean, she was at home, where will she go, she is hurt, I will come back, I will find her. She asks him to come soon.

Someone throws Anandi’s phone and ties her up to the chair. She shouts. Anand comes to the college and asks the guard about Anandi. The guard says she didn’t go out of the college. Anand asks about Jigar. Guard says Jigar dropped her and left. Anand asks him to show the cctv footage.

Maadi Baa talks to Sejal on call. She prays for Anandi. Jigar comes home. Sejal also prays. Anandi shouts for help. Jigar asks how can she disappear, where will we find her. Anand says don’t worry, I will find Anandi, cctv footage will come in some time. Vikrant and Diya also worry. Anand gets the cctv footage.

He checks the footage and asks how can this happen, Anandi came home and didn’t come to us. Jigar sys we will go and find her. Diya says no, we will go and find her, stay here. Vikrant sees Kiara. Maadi Baa prays for Anandi. Jigar also comes to pray. Anandi screams. Vikrant says we will get money soon, give me some more time. Anand and Diya are on the way. Anand says if Anandi pressed the panic button,

then we can find her. He calls Anandi. He says her number is off, I have to find her. Maadi baa sees the diya flickering and saves it. She prays. Anand thinks of Anandi. Diya says how long will we roam like this without any clue. Anand says we have to go back home, I think we missed something, we have to see the footage again. Jigar lights the diya. He says I can’t live without Anandi, nothing is imp for me than her. Anandi cries.

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