Balika Vadhu 2 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 28th October 2021 Episode starts with Prem ji picking a vase to hit Khim ji. Khim ji says will you hit me? Hit me. Ratan takes another vase and hits on Prem ji’s hand so that the vase in his hand falls down.

Khim ji asks how dare you to kidnap my daughter. He says what did you say, that our relation is over, then why did you do this? He says I accepted your every sayings and got her married to Jigar in her childhood due to your stubborness. Jigar and Anandi are shocked to hear the truth. Khim ji and Prem ji both realize that the truth is out. Anandi is taken back and shocked.

Jigar says I had told you Anandi that our marriage happened? Anandi is in shock. She recalls her father’s words, and Ratan asking her to just act of guana. She asks everyone lied to me, every time. Prem ji tells Anandi that I know that you are very hurt, we lied to you. He says I told your parents that we shall tell you truth, but they refused to let you know. He says if you had known that you are this house bahu, then you wouldn’t have gone from here. Ratan asks Anandi not to come in his talks and says you have kidnapped her and blaming us.

Prem ji says Anandi will not leave from here, and says you are bahu of this house and you are married to Jigar now. Khim ji says you have told enough and asks if he is not ashamed to play with a little girl’s heart. He asks Ratan to come. Anandi asks him to stop, and says you people have lied when Jigar and I had a fight. She says Faiba had said right, that Jigar and I are married. Diwari asks her not to cry and says I tried to tell you the truth, but you never believed me. Anandi says Kaku lied to me many times, but why you both lied to me.

Diwari says they couldn’t tell you the truth, else they would have got jailed. Anandi says you have taught me not to lie, and I used to trust you both a lot. She says I don’t know how to believe now. Sejal apologizes to her. Khim ji and Ratan also apologize to Anandi. Khim ji says we will rectify our mistake and asks her to come home. Prem ji says you are our bahu, will you leave even after knowing the truth.

Ratan asks her to come. Anandi says Kaku is saying right, you used to say always, that the girl’s house is sasural after marriage. She says that means I shall stay here, else nobody will call me a good bahu. Ratan says don’t say this, I can’t live without you. Anandi says even I can’t live without you, but I will not return. She says you both lied and I am upset with both of you. She runs inside. Khim ji and Ratan ask her to listen. Anandi goes to the room and locks the door. Khim ji and Ratan cries.

Prem ji tells Ratan that Anandi has told her decision, we shall respect her decision. Ratan says you played a cheap game and that’s why my daughter took this decision. Prem ji says whatsoever. She says my daughter will come and I will wait for her here, I will not leave without her. Anandi says I will never come back to you. Ratan asks Jigar and Kanku to go to Anandi and tell her that her Baa is waiting for her.

They go to the room and couldn’t find Anandi there. They hear Anandi crying and hiding beside the cupboard. Kanku asks her to come out. Jigar says Ratan kaki is calling you outside. Anandi says Baa is calling me, and even I want to go, but I will not go. She says they lied to me. Jigar comes out and nods no. Ratan says my daughter is very stubborn, but I am her mother. She says I will not go without her. Jigar goes. Maadi Maa and Prem ji sit on the chairs. Ratan and Khim ji keep waiting for her standing.

Maadi Baa comes to Ratan and says I can understand your emotions. She says now you shall understand that your daughter will not change her decision and if you stay here, her anger and pain will increase. She asks them to leave them alone, and says we and our bahu are troubled with you. Khim ji tells Ratan that they shall give time to Anandi, neither of us will get anything if we stay here. He says we shall go home and decide, how to take her back, so that nobody can stop us again. He asks Ratan to come. Ratan looks at the door. They leave.

Voiceover: A wrong step of child marriage taken in the past, One day the question comes to the fore in the present. It’s reflection does not leave the girl’s pursuit even after her parents’ wishes.


Balika Vadhu 2 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Maadi Baa asks Sejal to let Anandi cry, and says today her real bidaai happened. Khim ji tells Kadvi baa that time has come, when they shall accept the truth in front of Police. Ratan says you are saying right.


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