Balika Vadhu 2 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 26th November 2021  Episode starts with Anandi saying what shall I do to help Kanku, I feel bad for her. Sejal says I feel bad of you, you also need to stay happy. Anandi says Kanku isn’t angry on me, she loves me a lot, she wants to study now, its a good thing to study. Anandi says I will have food once Kanku smiles. She goes and sees Anand with Kanku. She thanks him. She asks Kanku not to cry. Kanku says forgive me. Anandi asks what did you do. Kanku says please I m sorry. Anand asks Anandi to smile.

Kanku sees the time and says its just 10 mins left. She sees the chit. She says sorry Anand, I can’t tick these points. Anandi tries to leave. Kanku hides and tries to leave. Sejal comes. Kanku makes a showpiece fall down. Sejal and Anandi come to see. Kanku hides. Anand comes there and saves Kanku. He picks the showpiece.

He says sorry to disturb you. Sejal asks him to go and sleep. Anand says I spoke to Kanku, I solved her problem, you also go and sleep now. Sejal and Anandi go. He asks Kanku to leave fast. Kanku runs out of the house. Anand goes to the room. He sees Jigar awake. Jigar asks where did you go. Anand says I went for a walk, I wasn’t feeling sleepy. Jigar says you don’t need to lie to me, did Kanku leave, tell me. Anand says yes, she left. Jigar says Kanku left and I couldn’t meet her, I wish I could say bye to her. Anand says I m very tensed about her, I hope Madhav sorts out everything.

Kanku comes to meet Madhav. She calls him. He is sleeping. She says why isn’t he answering my calls. She knocks the window. Madhav wakes up and goes to open the window. He sees Kanku and asks what are you doing here. She says I had told you on video call. He recalls that she is coming to meet him and stay with him forever. He asks her to come in. Anandi says I m not getting sleep. Sejal says we have to wake up early and go to the temple, you will be tired, sleep now. Anandi says Kanku would be worried, she would be crying. Sejal says Anand said she is fine, sleep now.

Kanku says Maadi baa wants my relation to get fixed today, it will be good that we run away. Madhav argues with her. Baa asks why are you shouting, what happened. Madhav says nothing, I was studying aloud. He says Kanku sit down, listen to me carefully, we can’t run away, I love you, I want to spend my entire life with you, but not this way, you have to go back home, its a big risk, families get involved, try to understand, go back home.

Anandi goes to see Kanku. Anand stops her. She asks why are you stopping me. He says she is fine, why don’t you trust me. She says I trust you, but I want to see her once. Madhav says I will drop you home. She says if anyone knows that I m not there, then… He says then we will tell the truth. She says fine, come.

He says we will go by the window. Anand says you won’t wish to disturb her sleep, right. Anandi goes. Madhav and Kanku hide. They leave for her home. The weather gets sad. He says we won’t get an auto at night, I can’t take you to my home, we will go there, come. Anand says hot chocolate idea is good. Anand and Anandi talk and laugh. He says friends…. and forwards hand. She says we do it this way. They pat on each other’s hands. Jigar comes and looks on.

Childhood friendship is pure. If it stays the same till the youth, then it can change into a good feeling.

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