Balika Vadhu 2 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 16th November 2021 Episode starts with everyone asking Anandi how is she now. Anandi says I m okay now, just some pain is there. Prem says things had to get fine, its Bhai dooj today. Anand sees his parents and runs to greet them.

He hugs them. Prem welcomes them. Anand misses Diya. He gets a gift, ear pods and smiles. Anand shows the ear pods to Anandi. Bhairavi says Diya is five years older than Anand. Anand sees the bhai dooj shagun sent by Diya. He reads the letter. He cries. He says I love you so much Di. Anandi recalls Kalpesh. Mehul consoles Anand.

Anandi gives a glass of water to Anand. He thanks her. Bhairavi says Anand told me about your injury, are you okay now. Anandi says its fine. Bhairavi says you shouldn’t cry. Anand jokes. Mehul says Anandi is very lovely, how are you celebrating bhai dool, tell me.

Anand says Anandi has a brother. Mehul says oh yes, then he will come tomorrow. Maadi baa says he can’t come, he has gone to the school camp. Kadvi baa comes there with Kalpesh and Dhingli. She says its a lie. Kadvi Baa says Anandi’s brother has come to celebrate bhai dool with her. Anandi runs and hugs Kalpesh. She meets Dhingli and Kadvi Baa. Kadvi baa asks what happened to your eyes.

Anandi says nothing, I just got hurt during diwali celebrations. She introduces Anand and his parents to them. Prem and Sejal greet Kadvi baa. Kadvi Baa taunts Prem. Maadi baa says Laxmi Maa will be pleased with everyone. She asks Anandi to take everyone inside. Prem says I will leave for puja, Mehul and Bhairav can come along, we are making a new start because of them. They agree and go. Prem says they shall return to Devgarh until I get Mehul and Bhairavi back.

Kadvi Baa says Kalpesh and Dhingli were missing Anandi a lot. Sejal says its good, she is smiling now. Maadi baa says we also worry for her. Kadvi baa gives the gifts to Sejal. Anand clicks their pics. Anand says you can call me Anand. Kalpesh jokes. Everyone laughs. Kadvi baa asks Anandi to do the rasam of bhai dooj. Anandi does the tilak to Kalpesh. She laughs on his nose. Kalpesh says my turn will also come.

Jigar asks what will you do. Kalpesh asks for sweets. Anandi says leave me. Kalpesh bites her hand. Anandi screams. Kalpesh asks did you get hurt. She says I was just fooling you. She laughs and feeds him the sweet. She asks for gift. Kalpesh and Anandi tease each other. She says you didn’t get any gift for me. Kalpesh gives her a gift and asks do you want anything else. She nods. He asks what.

Anandi hugs him and says you just come to meet me always. They smile. Anandi serves kheer to Kalpesh and says I have made it. Kadvi asks everyone to have the kheer. She says finish this bowl, whoever eats the most, I will give a reward.

Kalpesh says I will eat the most. Jigar says I will win the reward. Everyone competes. Dhingli and Kalpesh give up. Jigar says I will win. Anand says we will see. Anandi says last serve now. Jigar coughs and eats to finish. Anand says I won. Jigar sees his empty bowl. Anandi smiles.


Balika Vadhu 2 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi says I will clean all this quickly. Anand helps her in the cleaning work. They smile.


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