Balika Vadhu 2 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 15th October 2021 Episode starts with Anandi telling Ratan that she came to know about the importance of studies when she was in Raigarh. Ratan tells that she will never leave her school. Maadi Baa says your samdhi and samdhan have to leave Anandi’s affection, and the bhagyalakshmi of the house has to return here. Moti baa smiles. Anandi is studying and gets happy learning it.

Later Dhingri and Anandi are coming home. They come to the kulfi shop. Anandi come to the kulfi shop and is about to take it, but then refuses and gives the money to the beggar. Kalpesh and Anandi come home. Anandi and Kalpesh argue and try to tell her. Ratan also starts talking. They all laugh. Ratan says I heard you both. She shows the fruits in her hand. Kalpesh goes to study. Ratan asks if your test was good. Anandi says yes. Ratan asks did anyone ask why you go to Raigarh. Anandi says I told what you asked me to say. She goes.

Sejal calls Ratan and asks how is Anandi? Ratan says she is fine. Sejal says we all miss her. Ratan asks how is everything there. Sejal tells that Prem ji lost the order and in the evening, the factory caught fire. Ratan says how can this happen? Sejal says this happened as our bhagyalakshmi went from our home. Anandi hears Ratan.

Kalplesh tells Anandi that Sejal Kaki called to call you back. Anandi panics and says may be she wants to call you, as you are Jigar’s friend. He laughs and says everyone knows that they wanted you to stay there. Anandi asks him to break her toys and fight with her, but she don’t want to go to Raigarh, never.

Sejal comes to Prem ji and asks him not to worry about factory. Prem ji says life’s earning and hardwork got wasted, don’t know how we will come out of this mess? Sejal says we have to cover many losses. She says I talked to Ratan, and she told that she will make Khim ji talk to you. Prem ji says I don’t think he will call me. Just then Khim ji calls him. Sejal says pick the call.

Prem ji picks the call. Khim ji says Ratan said about the fire in the factory. Prem ji says it happened due to short circuit, and all the stuff got burnt. Khim ji says if you want then I can come and meet you. Sejal says you didn’t tell him that you are going to Devgarh tomorrow. Prem ji says if I had told, then he would have thought how to face me. Sejal says it is wrong. Prem ji says everything is fair in love and war. Maadi Baa comes there and says you have to bring Anandi before the real damage happens. Prem ji says my Anandi will be with me tomorrow.

Anandi makes Laapsi without Ratan’s help and surprises her. She asks will you work in the kitchen there? She asks her to tell truly else I will not talk to you. Anandi says I had made just laapsi watching from Jigar’s phone. Ratan asks are you telling the truth? Anandi says yes, and asks her to ask Jigar. Ratan tastes it and tells that it is very tasty. She makes Anandi taste it. Anandi asks why did Sejal kaki called?

Ratan says she was missing you and that’s why called. Anandi asks if they will call me back? Ratan says no, tells that you will stay here, but have to go to Prem ji kaku’s house after marriage. Anandi asks why can’t I stay here? Ratan explains that the girl has to stay in sasural after marriage. Anandi says ok, when I grow up, then will see, till then I will stay with you.

Next day, Prem ji gets ready to go to Devgarh. Diwari says I agree that Anandi shall return. Prem ji asks where is Baa? Bapu ji says she is sleeping. Prem ji says may be she will wake up hearing Anandi coming. He goes to her room and asks her to get up, and bless her. He shakes her and finds her dead. He shouts Bapu and Sejal and asks them to come. Doctor checks Moti Baa and says she is not alive. Everyone gets shocked.

Prem ji says what are you saying, this can’t be possible. Doctor apologizes. Prem ji and Sejal cries. Prem ji asks her to get up. Diwari also cries and thinks atlast Baa went, I wished this to happen. Maadi Baa asks Prem ji to handle himself and says you have to become your father’s strength after Bhanu left. She says we shall not keep dead body at home for much time, and asks him to look at Bhanu, asks if he needs any more reason to bring Anandi home.

Khim ji gets a call and gets shocked. Ratan asks what happened? Khim ji says Moti Baa is not alive. She asks how did it happen suddenly. Khim ji says we have to leave immediately and tells that they will take Anandi with them. He says I will bring the car, then we will leave. Anandi refuses to go to Raigarh. Ratan tells her that Moti Baa. Anandi asks if she is unwell or got fine. She asks what happened? Ratan says Maa Ashapura has called Moti Baa.

Voiceover: Children are naturally positive and therefore want to stay away from negative surroundings. This is also right.


Balika Vadhu 2 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Ratan asks Anandi to change her clothes. Anandi asks her to promise that they will not drop her there. Ratan and Khim ji promise her.


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