Balika Vadhu 2 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 13th October 2021 Episode starts with Maadi baa asking Anandi to go as her parents are waiting. Anandi touches her feet and says jai shri Krishna. Maadi Maa blesses her. Anandi goes. Maadi Baa says you made me meet many people, but made me meet such girl for first time. She says don’t know if I shall get angry on her questions, or shall shower my love on her innocence.

Prem ji asks him to sit. Khim ji says I am upset that everything happened with Anandi in your presence. He says Anandi is your safe keeping, she will come here only when she turns 18 years old. Prem ji say we have done a big mistake, then also you said this, your heart is very big. Anandi comes there with Sejal. Diwari gets surprised seeing Anandi wearing Moti Baa’s necklace, which she wanted.

Sejal keeps hand on Ratan’s hand. Ratan leaves her hand. Prem ji says you got worried in this house, your Kaku couldn’t take care of you well, forgive me. Anandi hugs him and says I am not angry with you, so don’t apologize. Prem ji cries and says ok, I will not say sorry. He asks what to bring when I come to meet you in Devgarh. Anandi says it is very easy, you don’t need to come to Devgarh for this. He asks what? Anandi says get new phone for Kanku didi. Khim ji says we shall leave.

Ratan says 1 min, and takes out necklace from Anandi. Moti Baa says let her take it. Ratan says Anandi is very little and it will be very difficult for us to protect this necklace. She says just like Anandi is with us, I will give Anandi’s necklace to you, and you can return it when she comes back. Maadi Baa says Samdhan ji is right.

Ratan handovers necklace to Moti Baa and apologizes to Maadi Baa. Anandi hugs Kanku. Kanku says I will miss you. Anandi says I will miss you too. Jigar says atlast you are going home. Anandi says you will be happy. Jigar says I got habitual to your talks, kulfi, helping me in project etc. Anandi smiles. Prem ji says you have so much innocence and forgiven us in a moment. Khim ji asks Anandi to come. They leave.

While on the way, Anandi hears the song and gets afraid thinking about Maadi Baa’s scolding. She switches off the song.Ratan asks why? It is your favorite song. Anandi says I don’t want to hear. Khim ji feels bad. Ratan says don’t blame yourself, everything will be fine.

Prem ji says my brother went angry from here and you want me to calm down. Maadi Baa says mistake did happen, but everything became fine. Prem ji says the matter is about Anandi’s safety, nothing wrong should have happen that made her take this step. He says she is bhagyalakshmi and that’s why we have prosperity in the house. Maadi says you have begged infront of Khim ji and apologized to him, and I didn’t stop you.

She asks what you want us to do. Prem ji says whatever happened with my brother, I couldn’t forgive myself, seeing hatred in my eyes. He says I want to patch up with him and is going to Devgarh now. Maadi Baa asks him to let his anger calm down first.

Anandi comes back home and gets happy. She comes to the temple and prays telling that she is back. She asks about Kalpesh. Ratan says he is in Bhuvan Mama’s house. Khim ji says you can sleep peacefully now. Anandi asks if Kalpesh will return home tomorrow. Ratan takes off Anandi’s mangalsutra and wipes her sindoor. Anandi asks why is she doing this? Ratan says nobody knows about this Gauna act. Anandi says I don’t want to do this act. Ratan asks her to take bath and the sindoor will come out fully.

Anandi asks why are you crying Baa? Ratan hugs her and says your mother missed you so much. Anandi says even I missed you and will never play such game again. She says I will never leave you both. Khim ji says let Anandi go and rest. Anandi says I will sleep. She tells that she used to hold Sejal kaki’s hand and sleep, but her Baa’s hands is different. Ratan asks didn’t you sleep in your room. Anandi says when Maadi Baa came, her bal gopal liked my room, so I have to give my room to her.

Ratan tells that they will sleep together today, she can sleep holding her hand. Anandi hugs her and goes. Khim ji says Anandi has to leave her room, when Maadi Baa came. Ratan says Maadi Baa is elder in house, but she should have understood not to take room from her. He says it is our mistake to get her married in such a young age.

Ratan tells that it is game for Anandi and what will happen when she comes to know about it. Anandi gets a dream in which Diwari is torturing her and gets restless in sleep. Khim ji tells that we became bad parents, while trying to be good friends with Prem ji. Anandi shouts asking Diwari to stop rolling the kadai and says she will fall down. Khim ji and Ratan come to her and hear her. They wake up Anandi and asks what Diwari did with her in kadai.

Voiceover: The only fruit of the sacrifice of childhood on the altar of child marriage is a lifetime of regret and pain.


Balika Vadhu 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Prem ji tells that the factory has caught fire. Maadi Baa sas Bhagyalakshmi left from home.


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