Balika Vadhu 2 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 12th November 2021 Episode starts with Anand offering Anandi to light the diyas. She asks what he likes about Diwali? He says Diwali stories. Anandi says even I like it and tells about Ram returning to Ayodhya on this day. He says he knows that. Anandi says Baa used to tell the stories and also gives the jalebis. Sejal brings jalebis for her and says I am also like your mother. Anandi hugs her.

Anand asks can I have jalebi. Sejal says Anandi doesn’t like to share with anyone. Anand says sharing is caring. Anandi gives him jalebis. Sejal goes. Anand takes his selfie with Anandi while they are eating jalebis. Jigar comes there and sees him taking selfie with her. Anand tells him about his status, that the girl who never shares her jalebi before, shared jalebi with him. Jigar asks Anandi to light the diyas.

Anandi says it is all done and says now you can burst the crackers. Maadi Baa comes to Kanku’s room and asks her to get ready. Kanku refuses. Maadi Baa returns her phone and asks her to get ready. Kanku smiles.

Kalpesh calls Jigar and wishes him happy Diwali. Anandi says this is my mota bhai’s voice. Kalpesh asks if Anandi was there. Jigar says yes and gives phone to Anandi. Anandi asks Kalpesh about their parents and asks who lit the diyas there. Kalpesh says baa and me. Someone calls Anandi and she goes. Kanku is talking to Madhav and he insists to see her. She sends him, her ear pic. He insists to meet her.

Anandi comes there and sits to make rangoli. Madhav insists her to wish Anandi happy Diwali. Anandi says you already wished me. Cook comes and asks what they would like to have. Anandi says jalebis, and Kanku says dhokla. Madhav gets an idea to meet her. He gets ready and leaves after calling Kanku.

Maadi Baa asks Jigar and Anandi to do aarti together. They come together to do aarti. Prem ji says I have waited for this day, when they do puja together for Lakshmi pujan and today that day is arrived. Anand asks why they will do puja together and says mom had said that couples do the puja together, and asks why are they doing together. He says they are of my age and are not married. Prem ji recalls their child marriage.

Jigar says truth is that….Prem ji says after the couples do the puja, kids can do puja. Anand asks can I do aarti with them. Prem ji is shocked. Diwari says your Prem ji uncle will not stop you from doing aarti. Maadi Baa, Sejal and Prem ji are shocked. Jigar is upset. Maadi Baa says this is wrong. Sejal asks Kanku to do the aarti with them. They do the aarti.

Later Diwari, Prem ji and Maadi Baa laugh. Kanku thinks if Madhav comes here. Jigar asks Anand to come and burst crackers with him. Anand refuses. Jigar asks why is he behaving like girls? Anand asks if guys can’t get scared. Madhav comes there.

Jigar asks him to keep all the bags out. Madhav says first I will keep it inside, and then you will do your work. He gets inside the house and sees Anandi walking towards him. He hides his face as she goes past him. Anandi tells Jigar that she will help him. Jigar says I will do. Anand says I will help you, but will not burn the crackers. Kanku thinks Madhav’s call is not reachable. Prem ji tells joke and everyone laughs.

Madhav comes there and asks them to eat dhokla. Sejal says they don’t want. Madhav says Maharaj ji said that it is made on someone’s request. Diwari says Kanku likes it. She calls Kanku. Kanku comes there and says you. Madhav is shocked too. Diwari asks what happened? Kanku says you forgot to add ketch up in it. Madhav says I will bring malkin. He gives her ketch up. Kanku says love you. Diwari asks what? Kanku says thank you. Madhav spills the ketch up on her dress and apologizes. Diwari says if the stain doesn’t go then I will cut your pay. She sends Kanku with Madhav. They go inside.

Jigar bursts the crackers, while Anand takes their video. Anandi recalls celebrating Diwali with her family. Prem ji asks her to burn the phooljadi.

Voiceover: The distance from loved ones can fade all the colors on the day of the festival, for a girl child, this pain becomes unbearable.Precap: Anandi and Kanku promote the show Sirf Tum from 15 November. Anandi rescues Anand and gets hurt, while everyone is playing with crackers.

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