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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 5th May 2022 Episode starts with Krish saying the police had already informed Sahil, then you know what happened. Priya asks why would he help us. Krish says because of Ram’s dad and his goodness, Ram’s dad helped his family a lot. She says then Ram should talk to him. Varun says that man shouldn’t open his mouth. Shashi says don’t worry, he just knows Mahender Sood.

Ram says we can easily proof this. Krish says Sahil paid the money. Ram says it means Sahil planned that accident. Priya says but that killer is alive, Sahil got that accident done, but he wasn’t driving the car himself. Ram says yes, it means Sahil wasn’t driving, it might be someone else. She says we have to find out who was driving it.

Shashi leaves. Varun sees the papers. Krish says it maybe anyone and anywhere. Varun comes back to the resort. He gets rude towards Sara. He says sorry, I remember you like this candy. She asks him to come, Ishaan is looking for him.

Priya says we were looking for Varun. Ram says I forgot to share another thing, I have identified a good university abroad. Nandini comes and says I didn’t wish to hear it, don’t worry, I will keep this secret, really sorry, if you felt bad. She goes. Ram asks her to listen.

Priya goes to Nandini. Nandini says its not about you, you will judge me now. Priya says I won’t judge you. Nandini says I m mum, you are just a wife, you can’t keep a big heart like a mum. Priya says I think the matter is about me. Nandini says listen to me, you are snatching my son from you, my imp is ending in his life, before Ram used to ask me about the decisions. Priya says its not like that. Nandini says its like that,

he didn’t ask me about reopening Virender’s case, now about Ishaan, I understand he is an intelligent boy, Ram wants to send him abroad, but he didn’t ask me, why, was I going to stop him, am I a bad mother. Priya says no. Nandini says I have seen the world, I know guys change after marriage, no problem, he shares things with you, I m not feeling good, I m sorrowful, you would think I m a bad mum. Priya asks why.

Ishaan says I will show experiment to Ram and get his approval. Varun says you will show it to him, not me. Ishaan shows the experiment to Ram. Varun thinks I have become a puppet for Shashi and Mahender, Ram will find the truth, then Ishaan will hate me. Varun says we will go for a drive and come.

Ram agrees. Ishaan says I will also come. Varun asks him to do his experiment. Ishaan goes. Priya asks Nandini not to feel bad. She says I don’t want any money from this house. Nandini says wait, you have made me a bad Saas, I was not talking about money. Priya says I know, you were talking about investigation,

Ram got selfish, he thought of his closure for the first time, its really imp, don’t punish him, please, you are scared because you have snatched someone before, I promise you will never lose Ram. Nandini thanks her and says I trust you, forgive me. Priya says its okay. Varun and Ram are on the way. Ram praises Ishaan’s talent. He says he can get a scholarship for his studies, I can explore this option for Ishaan. Varun thinks to kill Ram.

Shivi asks Tarun where are my tea bags. She sees Ishaan using the tea bags. He says I m doing an experiment, I m smart. She calls him mad. Shivi scolds him. He asks her to mind her language. He says you are dumb. Priya asks him to talk to her well, say sorry to Shivi. Ishaan says sorry.

He goes. Shivi asks Tarun to take the printout and come. Servant says I will get it from manager’s room. Priya asks did he come. He says yes. She says I will get the prints. She asks Pavan to call Ram fast. Pavan says Ram went somewhere out. She asks where. Ram says there is much scope in India also. Varun says you are a big fool to call all of us here, you won’t help Ishaan, but ruin his life,

when you know who I m, what I did in the past, you will become my enemy, and ruin me and my son, I won’t let this happen. Ram asks what are you doing, drive slowly. Varun says remember your dad’s accident, I have done that, I killed him. Ram gets shocked. Varun says you will die by my hands. He jumps down the car. The car hits somewhere and blasts. Varun’s imagination ends. He thinks Ram has to die. He opens the seat belt. Ram asks why are you doing this. Priya asks where did Ram go.

Priya calls Ram and asks where are you. Ram says I m with Varun. He asks Varun to stop the car. He says I will come there in some time. She says come soon. Varun sees Shashi’s car. Shashi messages him… come and meet me at the beach. Varun makes an excuse and sends Ram in the car. Ram thinks I have to find all the answers, what did my dad do on the last day of his life.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shashi threatens Varun. Priya says when you got to know your dad’s accident wasn’t normal, you were so angry. Ram meets the manager Santosh and asks about Virender. Santosh says Virender was making this resort illegally. Ram shouts on him.

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Telecast Date:5th May 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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