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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 4th November 2021 Episode starts with Kunal asking did you know this, Ram, does Priya know. Ram says no. Kunal says you are ending your marriage with her. Priya hears this and goes. Kunal asks Ram to say. Ram says I m not doing, mom and Vedika want this, but I don’t want. Priya thinks Ram wants to annul our marriage, what will I tell to Akki and Shivi. She gets Akki’s message.

She cries. Nandini says food looks different today. Servant says Priya made the food. Shubham asks did she make it to impress us. Priya says I checked the menu and made it. Nandini says we have cooks in our house. Priya says I get happiness by cooking. Mami says we thought you want to impress us. Mama says food is tasty, how did you make it. Nandini says Priya made it with love. Shubham says you know Mami,

she has a habit to do a drama. Nandini argues with Mami. She says you mean Priya made the food to convince Ram for Shivi and Akki’s marriage. Mami says no. Nandini says how can you think that Priya is trying such plans, she is a nice girl. Shubham and Mama sign Mami. Nandini says Priya has self esteem, if anyone refuses to her, then she will never see that man’s face, she can’t join a broken relation, never, I m warning you, don’t say what will happen of Priya and Ram’s marriage. Mami says sorry. Priya says I will give the food to Shivi.

Nandini says she didn’t eat anything, we shall forget this matter. Priya goes. Mami asks what’s all this, I didn’t say anything. Nandini says she didn’t give an answer. Nandini says she will give the answer. Shivi asks what did Ram say.

Priya asks her to have food. She thinks maybe Ram has signed the annulment papers. Nandini comes there. Shivi asks her to go. Nandini says its not about Akki, one doesn’t get everything, then things get fine. Shivi asks is that easy to forget the one you love. Nandini says its not impossible, Priya loved Neeraj, but she is more happy now, sorry, I didn’t mean that, I want to explain Shivi that one has to move on, life can get better. Shivi says Akki isn’t Neeraj, he isn’t leaving me, you want us to break up, I hate you. Priya goes. Nandini thinks I will handle Shivi. She says Priya also agrees with me.

Shivi says she didn’t say anything. Nandini says her marriage is also affected. Adi and Brinda welcome Ram and Priya. They get seated. Priya says thanks for inviting me. Brinda says you can come anytime. Priya thinks does she know about annulment. Vikrant asks what’s going on, why are you convincing Ram to change the decision. He says Ram has bp problem, he won’t drink alcohol, drink juice.

Priya says he does everything on his own. Ram says I do ask. Priya says your house is nice. Brinda says thanks, we want you to have a happy house. She gifts a dancing couple. Ram says great, it would be Brinda’s choice. Priya thinks why is Ram acting. She asks where is washroom. Adi says I will show. Brinda asks Ram to show the way. Ram takes Priya. Brinda says we will give time to them to spend good time together. Vikrant says this implies to you first. They laugh. Shubham asks Shiva where are you going.

Shivi asks why shall I tell you. Nandini asks what’s happening. Shivi and Shubham argue. Mami says stop her, she can run away again. Nandini says if Akki leaves the set, then producer will tell us, Shivi went to meet Sid, he called her, they went on a long drive, both of them calm down. Ram says don’t bang the door on my face. Priya argues. Kunal comes and says sorry. Ram says its fine. Kunal says Brinda said everything is in the drawer. Ram says I will show you if Brinda told it. Kunal locks them.

Ram says I will show you the things kept, handwash, facewash. The tap breaks by his hand. They try to stop the water. Priya slips over him. They go and try to open the door. They start arguing. She asks why did you make annulment papers, what commitment do you want to show. Shivi walks on the road and cries.

Ram says I didn’t make the papers. Priya says you are cleanly lying, you said big things that you will keep the marriage, who will you blame now. He says you said that our marriage means nothing. She says I was asking you. He says I didn’t make the papers, I m telling you. Shivi calls Priya. Ram says talk to me first. The call gets answered. Shivi hears their talks. Priya says fine, you don’t want this marriage to happen, you and Akki will always judge us because of the past, I will explain him that this marriage won’t happen. Shivi gets angry and says I will show them what I can do.

Brinda opens the door. She says I told Adi to fix the door. Priya says I have to go alone. Brinda asks Ram the reason behind cancelling the marriage. Ram says okay. Priya is on the way. She gets Shivi’s call. The man says this girl has fallen on the road, its not my mistake, she came in front of my car. Priya rushes to see Shivi. Brinda says you are doing this for Priya. Vikrant says you do what you want. Ram asks what shall I do. Kunal says talk to Priya. Ram says she won’t like it if she knows about her dad and stepbrother’s act. Brinda says you know her well, you will know how she will react.

Priya sees Shivi hurt. Shivi says let me die, you should have hit me by the car. Priya says call the police. The man says its not my mistake. She says suicide attempt is also a crime, call the police. She scolds Shivi. She thanks the man. She says we will get the first aid done and then talk. Shivi says no one cares for me. Priya says you did wrong, you didn’t think of anyone else, what about your brother. Shivi says Shubham doesn’t understand of my feelings. Priya asks what about Ram. Shivi says its his decision, please get me married to Akki.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya asks Ram to tell her the truth. Ram says I want to tell the truth. Akki and Shivi are marrying in the temple. He says you broke my trust. He takes Shivi with him.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2021
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