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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd November 2021 Episode starts with Priya asking Ram did anyone think of Akki and my family. She says we should have spoke to them, you know Shivi, she had run away before also. Ram says Priya is right, we know our Shivi gets hyper. Nandini stops Shubham. He says sorry. Ram says I told you I will talk to you. Nandini says I made a mistake, so sorry, I went to bakery to get some cup cakes for Shivi, but Sarika was there, she was taunting me, I was silent, then she said something that I couldn’t control, I m sorry Priya. Ram says its my mistake, I m sorry.

Priya says no need to fold hands, tell me, why did you cancel this marriage, one gets love by difficulty, why are we snatching it. Shivi comes home and says you are a very nice person, you won’t understand this, this relation is imp for you, Ram never regarded me his own sister, I m just a responsibility, he cheated me, he doesn’t love me, he makes me think that I m his step sister. She cries and goes. Ram cries. He says sorry mom. Nandini says no, I m sorry.

Ram comes to his room. He sees Priya and thinks I have no answers for her. Priya thinks don’t know what happened at home. She says I was shocked on knowing this, I know you don’t want a fight in the family, I know our marriage is a compromise, can we just sit and talk, please. She turns and doesn’t see him. She says I was talking and he left. Ram says I have an imp meeting, mom. Nandini asks why don’t you change here. Ram says I will change in the office, I can’t meet Shivi, I promise I will meet her when I return. She says I will try to calm her, bye. He leaves.

Priya gets Akki’s voice note. He says I m scared that I will lose Shivi, I know you will fix everything, please help me. Shivi comes crying and asks will you help. Priya cries and nods. Shivi thanks and hugs her. Priya thinks what to do. She comes to Nandini’s room and asks can I come in. Nandini asks her to come. Priya says I tried to ask Ram, he isn’t answering me, can you tell me the matter, why is this marriage not happening, money and status don’t matter to you. Nandini asks her to sit. Priya says Ram and I got married for Akki and Shivi’s marriage, then what happened now, I don’t understand, my family and I are confused.

Nandini says I m also worried, Ram’s dad wasn’t rich when I married him, we had love and maturity, Shivi can also handle her life, but I can’t change Ram’s decision, he thinks your family isn’t right. Priya says I know my family isn’t an ideal one. Nandini says I m Ram’s stepmum, I have to keep him happy, I can’t tell him anything, but you can tell him if you want. Nandini asks Priya to go to the office and talk to Ram. Priya goes. Nandini thinks there is a big surprise for you there.

Ram finishes his meeting. He checks his phone. He thinks Shivi didn’t reply me. Vedika comes to meet him. She asks are you fine. She says Nandini told me what happened. He says I m fine, Shivi hates me, Priya thinks I cheated her, I cheater her but I can’t tell her the reason. Vedika says you should think of Shivi, not Priya. Ram says I don’t know what to do. She gets some papers. Meera calls Priya and asks what’s happening, why did they cancel the marriage. Sarika asks what happened, did you fight with them.

Priya says I will talk later. Ram asks what’s this. Vedika says annulment papers, if you sign this, then your marriage will be annulled, you know this relation is wrong. Ram says you said I m doing right by getting Shivi married to the one she loves. Vedika says yes, I remember everything, its not happening like that, they tried to harm you. Ram says I m okay, don’t worry. She says fine, just sign these papers. Ram says I can’t sign and break my promise. Vedika says you are doing this for Priya’s good, if you take some time, then you will need to divorce her, I know you can’t stay happy by hurting someone. Priya comes there and doesn’t see them.

She says Ram isn’t here, where did he go. She gets a call. Meera asks are you fine. Priya cries and sits there. She says you remember, I used to tell you, you should have not married. Meera asks how would I get you and all my daughters, I have no regret. Priya says single life was the best for me. Meera says you are thinking this because of the problems, you love Akki, I m sure that you will find a way, Ram will support you. Priya asks if he doesn’t accept me. Meera says then you are right and I m wrong, it will be in Akki’s fate, you have to respect the relation, Ram gave you respect. Priya says fine, I will talk to you later. She picks the papers. Brinda comes and says hi.

Vedika comes to Nandini. She says Ram was going to sign. Nandini asks then. FB shows Ram taking the pen to sign. He thinks of Meera’s words. He stops. He says I can’t do this. FB ends. Meera asks what was he thinking, he just got married 5 days back. Vedika says Ram is so much, he can’t hurt anyone. Nandini says fine, Priya should know about annulment. She calls Kunal. She asks is Ram there. Kunal says no, Priya just came. She says Priya and Ram’s annulment papers are there, ask Ram to get it. He says sure. She says it will be in Ram’s cabin. He says Priya is here, why this annulment. She says other marriage isn’t happening, that’s why. He worries. Brinda says Ram won’t do this without any reason. Kunal comes and says I came to get some documents. Brinda asks him to come for dinner. He sees the papers with Priya.

Ram and Adi come. Brinda says I came to convince Priya for dinner. Priya says I will come. Kunal says we will party. Priya keeps the papers. Kunal signs Ram about the papers. Ram says I have to sign something. Brinda and Priya leave. Priya says I will get my bag. Brinda says come in the evening, thanks. Ram asks what’s the matter. Kunal shows the papers and says we are going for dinner with her, you are ending the marriage. Priya gets shocked.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Brinda and Kunal lock Ram and Priya in the room. Ram and Priya argue. She asks why did you make the annulment papers.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2021
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