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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with Ram asking Priya to take the money and get lost. A girl flirts with Ram. Ram says love is just nonsense, lets go. Priya thinks what happened to Ram. She says you can’t go to the room with this girl. Ram asks who are you to ask me, just leave.

Priya says you think I did this for money. He says I don’t want to know you. The girl argues with Priya. Priya says talk to me, just 5 mins. Ram says I can’t tolerate you for one second, just go. The girl says you remember her name, not fair, call me by my name. Priya says I m his wife. Ram says ex wife, you forgot you left me.

Priya asks the girl to go. Ram says she won’t go. He asks the girl to go to the room and wait for him. The girl smiles and goes. Ram says you just have 2 mins, somebody is waiting for me. They argue. Priya says you didn’t think about Pihu, tell me, what’s my mistake. Ram says I already got to know what I wanted, I don’t want to know anything. She says for Pihu’s sake, listen to me.

He asks who is Pihu for me, she is Krish’s daughter, Krish should worry for me, you told me, I m not Pihu’s dad. Priya thinks I want to tell the truth, but you won’t understand it now. Ram asks why shall I care for Pihu, her dad will worry, I m not her dad. She explains her. He says you told me meaningless things. He scolds her and goes to his room. He shuts the door. She goes to Pihu.

The girl asks Ram to come close. Ram stops her. He says Priya will leave in 5mins, my driver will drop you, sorry Pooja, never love a person like me, love someone who loves you back. She says you were acting for that Preeti. He says Priya, you can leave now, sorry. She leaves.

Priya sees Pihu sleeping. She cries and thinks why did Ram break my hopes, I was going to tell him everything about me and Pihu, I wanted to make everything fine. Ram thinks I wanted to fix everything, I wanted to give name to Pihu,

I didn’t know she is my daughter, I was ready to fight my family, you fooled me, why, you cheated me twice, maybe that love was a lie. Priya thinks I was going to tell you the truth and become yours, but you changed. Nandini comes and asks are you crying Priya, you lost, I never learnt to lose. She taunts Priya.

Ram thinks I was ready to think of my happiness, and go against mom and Shubham. Nandini says Ram can’t hurt his mom ever. Priya cries. Ram thinks I m done with you, Priya, I hate you, you did too wrong to keep Pihu away from me, you will face Pihu’s dad now, you snatched the five years from me,

you snatched my right, you cheated me. He breaks the pic. Nandini says Ram has showed you your place, pack your bags and leave, I will never let you come here in Ram’s life and this house. Priya asks why do you hate me. Nandini says I hate your behavior, you want to play this game, fine, you will suffer every day. Adi, Brinda and Vikrant ask the doctor about the DNA reports, who collected it.

The doctor says I don’t know him, I can give you duplicate reports. They check it. Brinda gets happy. Adi says we have to see Ram’s feeling when he learns the truth. They come home to meet Ram. Brinda says we have to give you an imp news. Adi says you will go mad. Vikrant asks Ram to sit first.

Brinda says I will record the moment. Nandini comes crying to Ram and hugs him. Ram asks what happened, are you okay. She says I m more than okay, I m so happy, I got to know something, you know Pihu is the hope. Shubham and Vedika come. Nandini says I was thinking why did this happen with us, why did Priya come back, I got to know this today, Lord wanted to show us the truth, Ram,

Pihu is your daughter. Everyone looks on. Nandini says Pihu is your daughter, my granddaughter. Shubham says yes, here are the DNA reports, she is your daughter. Brinda asks how did he get the reports, did he collect it. Adi says it doesn’t matter, who shows the reports. Adi says Nandini is saying true, Pihu is your daughter. Vedika asks Brinda why didn’t you tell us if you knew it.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandini asks Priya to leave. Ram asks Priya to just go away. Ram takes Pihu with her. Priya cries.

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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