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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 29th July 2022 Episode starts with Priya thinking the blackmailer won’t tolerate our closeness. Ram thinks what was I doing, no… Priya goes to her room and cries thinking of Ram. Ram thinks what to do. He goes to Priya’s room, and doesn’t knock the door.

She thinks to end the matter soon, because the blackmailer is around, this can’t happen again. She thinks I have to think well and step ahead, Ram hates me. Ram thinks she doesn’t care for my words, why do I care, I crossed that line, control the feelings, I will say sorry to her in the morning. Brinda comes for the meeting.

She sees Vedika. They all change the topic. Shubham says you all don’t want to discuss in front of Vedika and me. Sandy says maybe you won’t like it. He says let me decide. Krish calls Pihu and says I want to see you on video call.

She says no, I don’t have time, I m making a card for mumma, get the dream dress for mumma, she has shown me the pic. He says send me the pic, how would I know about the dress. She says it was red colour dress. She describes it.

He says I don’t understand. Pihu thinks I wanted Ram’s help. She says sorry, I m not able to explain. Krish asks how will we get it in the last min. Pihu asks who will get the dress. He says don’t worry, you will get it. She says you are the best. He asks her to make a sketch and send it. He says I will get it.

She says I want it tonight. He says I know, you want to give her a surprise gift. She says yes, I can’t see her sad. He says even I can’t see her sad, draw it and send it to me, I will get it. Pihu asks promise. He says promise. She says Krish doesn’t break promise like Ram. Ram looks on and thinks its Priya’s birthday and Pihu wanted to plan the surprise with me,

I spoiled it, how to make up. Sandy gives the idea of celebrating Priya’s birthday and invite the media. Shubham says perfect, I have ordered the cake. Vedika says we can keep this a surprise. He says we have to tell this to Priya and Pihu also. She says right. She thinks to make the birthday memorable.

Pihu makes the dress drawing. Ram says you are making the dress drawing right. She says you won’t change. He says I changed, so I got a big chocolate for me. She asks are you bribing me. He says no, I m genuinely sorry, you have a right to get angry, but I had a plan to come, I got work.

She says but you didn’t come, you broke the promise intentionally. He asks why would I do that. She says because you don’t believe in promise. He says I made you wait, you are upset. She says mumma is sad, she was hurt in her foot, she cooked food for you, I don’t want to talk to you. She goes. Ram thinks I have hurt her a lot, how to keep her happy. He clicks a pic of the dress.

He says she wanted my help, I will get this dress and also a smile on her face. Priya thinks Krish will catch that blackmailer, but I have to take care of Pihu and Ishaan. She worries. Shubham comes and says I know what to do on your birthday, I m doing this for the deal, we have planned an after party,

I ordered a cake, it will be from Ram, then you, Ram and Pihu will cut the cake. She says you know I m doing this for the family. He says I know. She says I tried explaining Nandini also. He says she is our mom, every mom’s weak point is children, right. She says I just came to help, I will go with Pihu,

I just want, Pihu, Ishaan and my family to stay well. He thinks why did she take Ishaan’s name. He says it will be good for you and us if everything gets sorted. Sandy comes. Shubham goes with her. Priya thinks how shall I stop him. Krish comes and meets Meera. He says I have some imp work. He shows the dress sketch and says Pihu wants me to gift this dress to Priya, how shall I find this,

Pihu said its Priya’s dream dress. Meera says Pihu trusts you a lot. She thinks I wish she trusted Ram. He asks do you know about this dress. Meera says yes, I told a story to Priya about prince charming and red dress, I got this for her, I complimented her when she had worn this, I told her that her prince will get this dress for her. He thinks I promise Pihu, I will become your mumma’s prince charming. Ram,

Adi and Brinda try to get the dress for Priya. Ram says Brinda should know, she shops day and night. She says it can’t be made immediately, its unique piece, Pihu wants to gift this to Priya, I want Priya to get happy, Pihu thinks I just upset Priya. Brinda says you can’t see Priya sad. Ram says I don’t care, I need to make sure that we look like a family, we need to do this. Brinda says yes. Ram says don’t stare at me, I m doing this for Pihu, I want her to like me. Krish asks did Priya believe in this concept.

Meera says no, she said the prince charming will get such a dress, I told her so to make her believe in love. He asks did Ram gift the dress to Priya. Meera says no, she didn’t tell him, she said Ram will get it if he is really her prince charming. He asks how will I get the dress, where, please help me. Ram checks the area and says its too far. Brinda says leave it, gift anything else. Adi says he has to do this for Pihu. Ram says yes.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vedika says the plan is special, I have sent Maitri to get Priya. Ram makes Priya ready. Kanika spills some oil on the floor. Priya falls down the stairs.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
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