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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 28th October 2022  Episode starts with Ram saying I used to think, I m lucky because of you, you were in my life. Meera says forgive me once. He says Priya came in my life and went forever because of you, you think it’s a small thing, you came to apologize to me, will everything get fine, Priya couldn’t trust me, because of your one lie, how will we support me now,

my family hates me because I want to make a new start with Priya, who is responsible for this. She says I m responsible, I didn’t support you. She hugs Ram and cries. She apologizes. He says I want to move on, I can’t lose Priya and Pihu, I can’t hurt my family, this business was my dad’s dream, how can I let it shatter, how can I let the partition happen. Meera hugs him. They cry.

Shubham talks to Nandini. Sandy thinks Shubham will refuse to the truth. He says sorry, but I can just talk to you, you might understand me. She scolds him for hurting Ram’s heart just for money. He says you also think I did wrong. She says yes, you didn’t do anything when Ram made this company, Ram did a lot for you, he fulfilled your demand, by what right did you ask him to divide,

what did you earn, you have no legal right on anything earned by Ram, all this belonged to Ram and it will always belong to him, remember this. She goes. He says right, I m Ram’s step brother, mom, did you hear what Sandy said, I think Ram decided it, you have to do something. Nandini says everything is over. Vedika says Soods are making Ram do this by using Pihu, Ram won’t give anything to Nandini. Priya asks Ram not to do division. She asks Pihu to get cupcake for Ram and her.

Priya explains Ram. He says I want to give my best to my family. Priya says Pihu and I just want you, give everything to Nandini and Shubham, your business won’t get divided. He asks what about us, where will I take Pihu and you. She says adventure. He says I m not Pihu. She says it will be much fun, we will start from zero, you have done everything with your hardwork, we can do this again, its your decision.

He says thanks for showing me a new path, I will name everything to mom and Shubham, and come with you and Pihu. Priya thinks Nandini lost and didn’t understand Ram’s value. Nandini says now Ram will know that I can snatch anything I want, I snatched his family and now I will snatch his everything, Priya, family, love and Pihu. Vedika asks but how, did you think anything.

Nandini says its time for action. She burns the pic. Pihu hugs Ram and Priya. Ram says Priya is asking me to give everything. Meera says because she has everything, that’s you. He says I also want everything, Priya, I will tell mom and Shubham that I named everything to them. Pihu gets happy. Priya recalls Nandini. Sandy comes. Priya asks about the doll house model. Sandy doesn’t tell her.

Priya says Ram and I are marrying tomorrow. Sandy says I m so happy for you, I knew this would happen, you deserve this. Priya says leaving the bad memories behind, I have to make a new start, throw this, we will make a new doll house. Sandy teases her. Priya goes to sleep. Sandy leaves an audio message to Krish.

She says I m sure that Shubham did this, Ram and Priya are marrying tomorrow, I don’t want Nandini and Shubham to create any problem. Priya hears this and asks are you sure, Shubham did this. Sandy asks why are you worrying. Priya says I m in tension since I saw Nandini’s true face, this time, I won’t let her snatch my family. She goes to Pihu and asks are you happy that we agreed.

Pihu says no, I m stressed. Priya tells her Ram and her story, and recalls their marriage. She says I will keep my promise, will you support me. Pihu says always. Nandini asks what, didn’t Ram call you for the division papers, ask your associate, fine, call me if he calls you, thanks. She says Ram didn’t talk to the lawyer about division.

Vedika says he didn’t take your word seriously. Shubham says he thinks we have no share in his property. Nandini says this time, we will strike. Vedika says finally. He asks what’s the plan. She says we shall do the same what Mahender did on Shashi and his dad’s saying.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandini says Priya won’t come for marriage. Ram gets Pihu’s letter and cries. He thinks something is wrong, Pihu is in some danger, its all a lie.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
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