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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Vedika saying Ishaan is going to gift a doll house to Pihu today, because he thinks she is going to get her family back, the family which she lost because of him. Ishaan says this doll house is for Pihu. Vedika says think if the doll house catches fire, what chaos will happen.

Nandini asks will anything happen to Pihu. Vedika says Ram forgives everyone for an accident, we will see what he does now, Shubham will change the papers, it will be written that you will get Ram’s everything, you would be thinking how do I know about Ishaan,

Priya made me fall in Ram’s sight, my sight is on Priya and her family, I won’t leave anyone of them this time. Nandini smiles. Vedika lights the cracker. She says crackers can get the happiness and also burn the happiness. Ram and Priya light the crackers and talk to Pihu.

Priya says Ram scared me. Pihu says very bad. Ram says sorry, the chandelier was going to fall on me, luckily mom was there, she saved me. He recalls Nandini saving him from the chandelier. Priya asks are you fine. Ram says yes, what isn’t fine will get fine, my mom will come, she can’t see me in pain.

Priya thinks she is the reason for your pain. She asks Pihu to light the crackers. Pihu says I m scared. Priya says she doesn’t ask for help. Ram says she went on you, I will teach her. He asks Pihu to light the cracker. He asks her to ask for help if she wants, if they knew everything, then life would have become boring. Pihu says I m strong, I don’t want someone’s help. Ram says help gets you double power, come to me always, if I m not there, then close your eyes and think of me,

then this day when we had lit these crackers, then you will get brilliant ideas. Pihu asks how will you know it. Priya says make a secret code. He says we will have secret code, crackers. She says like in movies. Priya says stop watching movies. Ram says we learn things from movies. Pihu hugs him and says never leave me. He says I will never leave my family. She asks for help. They light the cracker.

Ram says I wish our every Diwali is good. He sees Priya’s saree catching fire and saves her. Pihu says I will never burn crackers now. Ram says if we get scared of anything, then the fear doesn’t live us. He jokes on Priya. Pihu says promise, we will always share the problems. They promise.

Shubham checks the doll house and says its tough to fill crackers in this, its an open doll house. Sandy goes to check the doll house. Nandini shows the doll and says little Pihu, your dream of a happy family will be a dream, you ruined everything for me, I will ruin everything for you. Sandy thinks Ishaan’s gift will make this memorable. She comes there and sees the doll fallen.

Nandini and Shubham hide. Sandy keeps the doll. She clicks the pic and goes. Nandini says when I sign you, keep the crackers in this. Sara says wow Ram, you planned a great surprise. Sandy says Ram’s surprises are unexpected and grand. Brinda says I agree, this time Ram got mean. Sandy says Ram is the best. Priya thinks my surprise is small. Ram says I have nothing special in me that no one surprises me. Brinda says stop troubling Priya. Priya says I don’t understand all this.

Ishaan says I have planned a surprise, you know I m in your team, I have made doll house for Pihu, you can give it to Ram. Priya says no, Ram will know I m lying. He says I will say I helped you a lot. She says no, I will think of something else. Brinda says we have to do something grand, think of something. Ishaan asks Priya to see doll house, maybe she gets an idea. Ram goes to Vikrant and asks for trust papers. Vikrant says lawyer will get it delivered in sometime.

Sara asks what did you plan for proposal, Priya loves you. Ram says you know, family is everything for me, I don’t want anything else than family. He goes to Nandini. She says its Diwali today, you children are my everything, I m ready to forget the past and make a new start, if you don’t want then Shubham and I…

Ram says my happiness is in you, I m so grateful that you are ready to forget the past, I m nothing without you, happy Diwali. She also wishes him and asks about the papers. He says papers would be coming after changes are done. Shubham thinks to do his work. He goes. She says I thought of some charity for Shivi. Ram asks her to say. Priya says wow Ishaan, you made it so well.

Ishaan says you did a lot for me. She says forget it now and move on in life, Pihu will be very happy seeing this. Nandini shows the Laxmi idol and says I got this for Priya. Ram says its good, I will keep it in temple. She says no, I will talk to Priya first. Shubham sees Priya and Ishaan, and hides. He messages Nandini. Nandini hugs Pihu and says I can’t live without you, are you happy seeing me. Pihu says a lot. Nandini messages Shubham. She asks Ram are you happy that we have come.

Ram says yes, I love you Maa. She says I love you too, Ram. She thinks I will see how long Pihu has this smile. Shubham comes and says mom is waiting to talk to you. He leaves. Priya asks Ishaan to go, she will handle Nandini. Nandini says it’s a special day for me, I know much things happened and I don’t like it, but I can’t change it, we should accept it, Ram’s happiness matters a lot, Ram is going to do a good work, I wanted to give something to Pihu. She gives the Laxmi idol. Everyone looks on.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya asks can we become a family forever. Ram gets happy. A doll house model blast shocks everyone.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
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