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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 24th August 2022 Episode starts with Pihu recalling Priya’s words. Priya explains her that they can’t take Ram’s help if they can’t help him. She asks Pihu to remember how she cried when she was asked to write an essay on dad, think what she explained her that day. FB ends.

Pihu says Ram isn’t like I thought. Nandini says don’t say this. Pihu says one should say the truth. Brinda thinks Ram and Priya should have been here. Priya shouts I can see the baby’s head. Ram says I also want to see.

Priya shouts no, help Maitri in pushing. Maitri says I can’t. Priya says we need more towels. Ram says I will lift her head. He sits and takes Maitri in her lap. Maitri says its paining a lot. Priya says you will forget all the pain when you see the baby, I m gone through this,

Pihu was born in jail, I just had two women there, they asked me to think of the light coming in the life, I will tell you the same, when I got Pihu in my hand, I forgot everything, just remember this and push. Ram looks at her.

Pihu says Ram is arrogant and mean, when I spent time with him, I got to know he is not arrogant, you ask for some and he gets so much, he helps everyone. Everyone smiles. Pihu says Ram is Priya’s prince charming, so he is the best, I was asked to write an essay on dad, but I wrote it on mumma,

I thought what’s the need of a dad, I was wrong, everyone should get a dad like Ram, right. Minister claps for her. Everyone claps. He says Ram is really a good father, she told this from her heart. Maitri gives birth to the baby. Priya says its your son, Maitri. Ram sees the baby. Abhi mujhme kahin…plays….

Ram takes the baby in arms. Priya answers his call. Ram says it’s a boy. Adi says congrats, Maitri got a baby boy. Everyone gets happy. Sandy hugs Meera. Adi says I will put this on monitor. They all see the baby on the screen. Meera says I told you, Ram and Priya are with Maitri, they saved an innocent life, what proof do you want now for their love. Priya asks Maitri to get up. Ram gives the baby to Maitri. Maitri cries happily.

Priya gives the tissue to Ram to wipe tears. Maitri asks the baby to meet his Maasi. Ram says this is my joke, I don’t let anyone use my joke, what’s mine is always with me. Pihu says I will play with the baby. Ram hugs Priya happily. Nandini gets angry. Ram wishes Priya comes back in his life. He thinks I don’t care whose blood is Pihu, I feel she is my daughter. Ishaan says they are made for each other, no one can separate them. Nandini leaves.

Brinda says you both take time and come. Nandini says I want to talk to Ram. Brinda says so sorry, I didn’t hear you, they are coming home, then talk to Ram. She thinks I won’t let you come between Ram and Priya. Meera says I feel proud of you, Pihu. Sara says we all are proud of you. Pihu says I told the truth,

truth is like sunlight which always shines. Vikrant says right, Ram is good at heart. She says yes. Minister says this deal is of Ram officially with my approval, we will sign the deal papers tomorrow. Everyone gets happy. Shubham hugs Sandy and goes. Meera thanks the minister. He says I have to thank Ram and Priya and say sorry also, they respect each other. Kanika asks what about Pihu who calls her dad arrogant.

He says I used to call my dad hitler in my childhood, we shouldn’t judge her. Meera thinks Ram won’t get jailed now, I wish Pihu gets her dad, some miracle happens. Sara says we will go and help Ram and Priya, Vikrant you handle the media. They leave.

Nandini thinks I thought Pihu will fail in the interview, but she failed my plan. Shubham says we got the deal because of Pihu, get happy now. Priya and Pihu will go tomorrow. Ram says its my life’s most beautiful moment. Priya says yes. Ram thanks her for making him a part of this moment.

She says thanks, I would have not done this alone. The man says ambulance has come. She asks shall I go with Maitri. He thinks to talk to her, but Maitri needs her more. Sara and Sandy come and meet Maitri. Sara asks Priya to come with Ram, she will take Maitri and baby. They leave. Vedika says I want to talk to you, I have to show something. She shows a ring.

Nandini says I m scared that Ram and Priya can get together, you are showing me this ring. Vedika says I got this ring from Krish, it will be good if he proposes Priya. Nandini sees Ishaan and says yes, this drama will end, where would Priya wander with Pihu, if she marries Krish,

then she can move on, Pihu will get dad’s love, they have seen sorrow, they deserve happiness, I was worried for Pihu, Ram is with you, Priya will be with Krish. Ishaan thinks does Krish want to propose Priya, but Ram is Pihu’s dad. Vedika says I thought Ram and Priya will get together, but if Ram is happy.

Nandini says no, Ram said his feelings for Priya ended with Shivi’s death, he wants to start a new life with you. Ishaan says no, I have to talk to Krish, he can’t marry Priya, Ram and Priya are made for each other.

Priya wears the boxing gloves. Ram says Adi is sending the mechanic to fix the car. He gets hurt by her hands. She says sorry. He also wears gloves and jumps to fight. They both hit each other. Priya says I m not scared and I don’t lose. They argue and challenge each other. They both fall down.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vedika and Nandini plan to bring a storm in Priya and Pihu’s lives. Ram says I want our family, Priya.

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Telecast Date:24th August 2022
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