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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 19th August 2022 Episode starts with Ram and minister saying Priya is saying right. Vedika leaves. Doctor says you are scared of injection. Priya taunts Nandini. Nandini says I m fine, I don’t need this.

Priya says your medicines got spoiled because of me, if your health gets spoiled again then… Ram will think its my fault. Ram says take the injection for my sake. Nandini says I don’t need this, Ram. Doctor injects her. Priya smiles. Doctor says she never took an injection, Priya made this possible.

Priya says I learnt this from her. Doctor says don’t worry, she is taking same medicine since 5 years. Priya thinks she is fooling Ram, I will expose her truth and defeat her in her game. She says Pihu and I will celebrate Janmashtami and then leave from here.

Brinda gives the hair samples to the man. He asks him to do the DNA test soon and get the results. She says I will pay for the early results. The man leaves. Pihu says mum agreed to celebrate Janmashtami here. Brinda hugs her and wishes she is thinking right.

Priya gets the Gajras. She fixes the gajra to Meera. Sara says I didn’t imagine this day. Meera says all my daughters are successful and doing good in life, I m happy, I just regret that my mistake ruined Priya’s life. Priya says Pihu, Meera is your Nani, the world’s best Nani. Meera hugs Pihu.

Pihu says I like to call you Meera Maa. Meera says I also like it. She blesses her daughters. Vedika and Kanika come and ask are you ready. Maitri argues. Kanika says you have played the drama well, Ram and Priya are acting like a real couple and convinced my husband too. Sandy says its real. Ram comes to talk to Priya.

Pihu says look at my gajra. He says wow, its beautiful. She says like Priya, right. Ram says I will come later. Maitri and Sandy tease him. They ask Ram to make Priya wear the gajra. Priya says we will go out and talk.

Ram goes to Priya to fix the gajra. She asks what work do you have. Ram helps her. He asks how did you change your mind that you will stay. Priya says someone forced me. He asks who dared to stop you. kesariya….plays… She smiles. She says we should end this on a good note, without any argument.

He says you have to control yourself. They argue. He says I don’t have time, stop, let me complete, you are starting a fight. Priya says you start the fight and blame me, I promised Pihu and I won’t fight you. Krish comes. Priya says don’t worry, we don’t need to worry, I had called the doctor here for Nandini.

He asks what, I don’t understand. Kanika comes and sees them. Krish asks what are you saying. Priya says Nandini takes the fake medicines. He says you wanted to tell this to me. She says yes, doctor gave a sleep medicine to Nandini,

I will get time to bring out her truth. He says Ram doesn’t deserve this, it’s a bad thing happening with him. Ram and Pihu talk. Adi comes and shows Sara’s sandals. She goes. Ram says I don’t want Pihu to go from here, Priya won’t allow but…

Priya says I have to tell Ram that I wasn’t saying wrong. Krish says think about Pihu. She says she knows Pihu is my weakness, she just wants to take revenge and break me down. He says I have to tell you something. Sandy gets Vikrant’s shoes and says I have stolen this. Sandy goes. Krish thinks to handle this himself. Adi says Priya will never agree, Pihu is Krish’s daughter, he doesn’t like you.

Ram says when I asked Priya’s help, I didn’t think we will talk about Pihu this way. Kanika says you are here, your wife is with someone else, your reuniting plan has flopped, she was with that man. She shows Krish. She says they were talking secret things. Adi says Krish is a close family friend. She taunts and goes. Ram says you were right, I should focus on my real family, I will see mom and come.

Priya asks Pihu to tell her about the shoes, Ram is her friend now. Pihu says I won’t cheat. Vedika and Shubham see Nandini. Vedika says you have to help me in executing this plan. He says no, Priya is leaving after Janmashtami, Ram booked the tickets, everything is set, don’t ruin it, I can’t support you in this madness, just wait for mom to wake up. Priya and Pihu come. Vedika says I need to talk to you. Priya sends Pihu.

She asks what are you doing here, Nandini is sleeping. Shubham says we are here because of you. Vedika says you think you won. Priya says this injection is necessary for her, its not a game, everything is dependent on this, I m staying on my word, if you don’t, then…

Shubham says we will need two mins in bringing your truth in front of Pihu. Priya says I will not think again before doing this for Ishaan, if you try to harm Pihu then I won’t let this deal happen, I will ruin you all. Ram hears this and claps.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram and Priya argue. Ram says Shivina died because of you. She says it was a mistake. Pihu hears this and says Priya never lies.

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Telecast Date:19th August 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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