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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 15th July 2022 Episode starts with Nandini thinking great, their incomplete relation will never complete.

She asks Ram is Priya leaving the house. He says don’t worry, I will think. She says I will beg to her. He says no need. She says we need her. She says you can’t forget her cheat, I know, its not easy for you, you have no other way.

He says I know, I will figure it out and talk to her. He goes. Shubham asks what games are you playing, you made them fight, I got her home for a purpose, you want to send me to jail, that girl is a headache and you are a bigger headache. She scolds him.

He says if Ram and Priya come together, then it can be a problem, its imp to keep Priya away from Ram.

He says Ram hates her. She says all the truth will come out in front of Ram, you provoked Shivi to leave that house, you won’t be here if this truth comes out, Ram will give the money and property to Priya, do you want this, don’t dare to talk to me in this tone. He says yes, I m sorry. She says Ram will handle this, he can do anything for us.

Ram says I can’t bear more tantrums, I don’t understand why is that kid treating me like this, Priya is giving me attitude, I need help, it doesn’t mean she tells me anything. Adi says calm down, this deal should happen.

He throws the file and says I don’t want the deal. Brinda comes and jokes. She says Pihu is Priya’s daughter, she can’t be materialistic.

Ram gets angry on Adi. He says Adi and Vikrant told me to do this. Brinda says you should have asked me for help. Ram says I made a mistake. She says she has no interest in fancy things, ask Vikrant to ask Sara. Ram says no one knows her likes and dislikes, Priya kept her away from everyone.

She says Priya and Pihu’s choices will match, try once. Priya says we can go to amusement park instead cycling, it will be good fun. Pihu asks will I get candy floss there, cold drink and icecream also. Priya says its fine, I will work extra for you.

She thinks its imp to convince Pihu. She says no one can come between our time, we will have icecream and have a talk. Pihu says okay, just us, no one else. Pavan gets fruits for Pihu. Pihu says thanks but we are going to an amusement park, you have the fruits. Priya and Pihu leave. Ram comes home.

Ram thinks to say sorry to Priya. He looks for them. He says they are not here, where did they go. Vedika says you used the records at the right time. Nandini says this is the difference between you and me, don’t worry, you will learn this from me. Vedika asks are you sure that Priya got scared.

Nandini says yes, she won’t try to tell Ram about Pihu’s truth, she will be out of our life after this deal happens. Ram comes and asks who, are you talking about Priya. Nandini says yes, Vedika is feeling bad like we are using Priya.

Pavan says Priya and Pihu went to amusement park. Nandini asks him to close the windows, Ram doesn’t like rains. Ram worries for Priya and Pihu. He leaves. Nandini says I handled it well. Vedika thinks she thinks she is smart. Priya says the park got closed because of rains, shall we go home. Pihu says no.

Ram comes and asks them to come, he will ask the park owner to open the park. Priya says no, rides won’t work. Pihu says maybe he paid God to make it rain, he will do anything to trouble me. Ram asks him to come inside, it’s a luxurious car, it will fly. She calls it a garbage truck. He says fine, I will go.

He messages Priya about bad weather. Priya says we should go. Pihu says you said you won’t force. Ram thinks both are mad, they can’t see the bad weather. He asks Pihu to sit in the car. He presses horn. She shuts her ears. He says okay fine, if your mom falls sick because of you, will you like it.

Pihu asks Priya to sit in the car. Priya says no, we decided to spend time together, we will stand here, its fine. They sit in the car. Pihu says we can’t trust him. Ram and Pihu argue. Sara, Sandy, Adi and Vikrant meet in the office. Vikrant compliments Sara. He says I have to go to Meerut, don’t take tension, we just have to go together.

Adi says ministers won’t come. Shubham comes and says we can convince them. Sara asks how. Sandy says we can use this occasion to build Ram’s image, that he believes that a person should be rooted. He says yes, we will tell this to the minister. Shubham says thanks, I will tell mom and Ram that its my idea, so they won’t refuse.

Priya asks why did you get us here, Pihu will get upset. Ram thinks its not easy for me, I m putting efforts. He says farmhouse was close, so I got you here, I will take you home once the roads get cleared, we have no option than to tolerate each other. She thinks to say sorry. He goes to get down Pihu. Priya recalls Nandini’s words. She says wait, I will manage. She takes Pihu.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram and Priya argue. Pihu misunderstands Ram and says he is rude, mean and now a kidnapper also. Priya says I trust him, I know him, he is my prince charming.

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Telecast Date:15th July 2022
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