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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 13th October 2022 Episode starts with Priya asking what happened, Pihu has to prepare. Ram leaves. Sandy says you said you will take donation from Ram. Priya says I won’t do this. Vedika asks where is Ram. Adi says don’t know, he went to meet Priya. Brinda comes and asks him to have food.

Vedika says don’t get happy, any problem can come in front. Vikrant asks what did I do. Brinda and Adi joke. He says but Vedika meant something else. Ram comes and says Ishaan’s dad, listen to me, I have to talk to Ishaan, my wife isn’t letting me talk to him, I mean ex wife, focus on my problem.

Brinda says your problem and solution are one, Priya. Ram says I think Priya is hiding something, Ishaan knows this, I had added brandy in his kada, Priya doesn’t want me meet Ishaan and talk to him. Brinda says wait. Brinda calls Sara and says my laptop was some issue, can you send Ishaan whenever he is free. Sara says yes, I will send him. Ram says I have to teach the school at 5pm. Adi says talk to Ishaan and then go.

Ram says yes, this is also imp. Pihu asks why didn’t Ram come. Priya says he will come, I have come here for interview, to become a teacher. Nandini comes and greets. Pihu says mum also has an interview here. Nandini says Ram had won many trophies in academics and sports. Pihu says he can do anything.

She says no, he can’t do acting. Ishaan says Brinda called me here and she disappeared. Ram comes. Ishaan says I have a good news for you, I got a job. Ram says I m not surprised. Ishaan says Brinda didn’t come. Ram says I called you by this excuse. Ishaan asks why did you lie to me. Ram says I couldn’t talk in front of Priya and Sara, you trust me right, you know I care for you.

Ishaan says yes, but what happened. Ram asks will you help me. Ishaan says yes, of course. Ram asks sure? Priya says you can become like Ram, but you have your own identity. Pihu asks will my pic come on the board if I study well. Nandini says yes, just like the pics on the board. She smiles. Pihu sees Priya’s pics and says your pic, I think they made you a teacher here. Priya says it can’t be here, how. Pihu asks her to see. Priya gets shocked seeing her jail pics. Pihu says this looks like jail, why. Nandini looks at Priya.

Ishaan asks what’s the need to do all this. Ram says its needed, else you won’t tell the truth, why did you run away on Janmashtami day, how did Priya know that you will be at the police station, swear on me and tell me, if you lie, then you will lose me forever. Priya says promise, I will tell you everything after interview. Pihu asks why are you scared, we will remove the pics if you say. She removes it. The lady says your truth won’t change, Priya, why did you hide that you had gone to jail. Priya asks jail?

Ishaan says I had a fight with my friends. Ram says there is no complain on your name, why did you go there, answer me, we won’t go out of this room. Ishaan says I can’t tell you. Ram says you said you trust me, I will help you, try me. Ishaan says you can’t help me. Ram says I m giving you another chance.

Ishaan says no, I can’t tell you, please. Ram says okay, I m going, I will not see Priya and Pihu. Ishaan says please, they are your family. Ram says you are also family, you don’t trust me. Ishaan says I can’t tolerate your hatred. Ram says I hate liars, you are lying to me, I heard that day, Priya didn’t want to stay with me, tell me the truth, leave my hand. Ishaan says I can’t say because you will send me to jail.

Pihu cries and says my mumma didn’t go to jail. The lady says I didn’t expect this from you. Nandini says we didn’t want Pihu to do this. The lady says I m getting calls, they are asking me, how can I take interview of someone who went to jail. Pihu pushes her. The lady scolds her. Pihu says I hate you, I don’t want to study here, my mum never lies. The lady says stop this drama, see how she behaved with me, you think we will give her admission here, she is a criminal’s daughter,

Priya went to jail on murder charge. Priya says no and cries. The lady says Nandini’s daughter lost her life. Priya says don’t tell anything in front of a kid. Pihu says tell her, you were sick, she is lying, tell her. Priya says she isn’t saying wrong, I was in jail, I wasn’t sick. Ram says stop crying, why did you say that I will send you to jail, why would I send you to jail. Ishaan says because Shivina got pushed by me, she died because of me, that happened because of me, not Priya.

Ram asks what do you mean. Ishaan says Shivina and I argued, I didn’t know, I got angry, when she was going on the stairs, I pushed her by mistake, she fell down and…. Trust me, I didn’t do this intentionally, Priya took the blame on her to save me. Ram is shocked. He cries. Ishaan says I m living in this guilt, when Priya….

she went to jail because of me. Ram recalls the incident. Ishaan says I had gone to the police station to confess this, I m really sorry, Priya and you got separated because of me, Priya made Pihu away, you hate her, she doesn’t deserve this, really sorry, I wanted to return her happiness and family, but it always goes wrong, I m really sorry, please don’t hate me. Ram hugs him. They cry.

Ram says I never imagined this. Ishaan says just Krish and Priya knew this. Ram says I have to go for Pihu’s admission, I will come back and sort this. Ishaan says promise me, you will never leave them. Ram says I will never leave them even if they want. Pihu says you broke the promise, you said you will never lie, why did you lie, please tell me. Priya says I got punishment, really sorry.

Nandini says Priya had pushed my daughter Shivina downstairs. Ram thinks how did Priya make a big sacrifice, she got jailed for Ishaan’s sake, just my Priya can do this. He leaves. Priya says you are dragging the matter. Nandini says let me explain, Priya did a mistake, Shivina died, but Ram and I have forgiven you, you feel bad that Priya lied, but… Ram thinks all this will end today.

Priya says Mrs. Kapoor… Nandini says people lie for their personal gain. Priya says stop it. Nandini says I m saying, we have forgiven you. Priya says stop it, don’t repeat it. She asks Pihu to listen to her. Pihu says you really lied to me. Priya cries. Ram thinks I wish you told me the truth but I understand why you lied to everyone, you were scared for Ishaan’s life and future, you had tolerated this alone, you raised Pihu alone, I will always be with you.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pihu says I don’t want to go with mumma. Priya cries. Ram asks who did this. Priya says your mom. Ram confronts his family.

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Telecast Date:13th October 2022
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