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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 12th October 2022 Episode starts with Pihu saying mum keeps fast for you every year. Priya asks her to have upma. Ram asks every year. Pihu asks them to see the moon first. Priya sees the moon through her dupatta and then sees Ram’s face. Channa pardesi ve….plays… Ram breaks her fast.

He feeds the upma to Priya and gives her water. He says even I m feeling hungry. Priya feeds him the food. He asks how are you feeling now, good? We will go now. He goes. Priya says listen to me carefully now, fast isn’t for kids, kids need healthy food, how did you get this idea.

Pihu says Vedika was telling Nandini that she used to keep fast for her parents in childhood. Priya asks did Nandini and Vedika make you ready for the interview. Pihu says Vedika made me wear this watch and belt. Priya cries and thinks they are using my daughter to defeat me, see what I do now.

Vedika says this can’t happen. Nandini says I don’t know why I scheduled this meeting. Brinda says I hope Pihu is fine. Shubham says Ram got insulted, you care for Pihu. They all argue. Nandini says I don’t care for Priya, because her character….

Brinda says shut up, okay, shut up Adi, truth will be truth, it won’t change on anyone’s saying. Vedika says she is right, Ram’s daughter did cheating and got caught, she spoiled Ram’s name. Ram, Priya and Pihu come home. Ram stops Pihu and says cowards run away, my Pihu isn’t a coward, come in.

Ram scolds Shubham and counts his mistakes. He says Pihu is my daughter, I m very proud of her, she kept a fast for her mum and dad. Brinda asks seriously. Ram says yes. Priya says she kept a fast so that we don’t fight, she isn’t a cheater, she is innocent. Sara hugs Pihu and says I m very proud of you.

Nandini says I m also proud of you, you shouldn’t stay hungry. Brinda says I feel hungry, everyone just come, the moon is out. Adi and Vikrant break their wives’ fast. Ram clicks their pics. Priya smiles. Ram takes selfies with Pihu. Ishaan comes and says surprise. Ram hugs him. Sara says he surprised me,

Sandy and he planned this. Vikrant asks am I no one to you, you will plan surprise with me next time, you are my son. He hugs Ishaan. Pihu also hugs Ishaan. Vedika says I wish I could see that drama. Nandini says you can see it tomorrow, Priya will be ruined, once I get Ram’s properties and money, then they can go anywhere,

I don’t care. Vedika asks what about me, I will get Ram, right. Nandini asks who would you choose between money and Ram. Vedika asks what are you going to do with Priya. Nandini says everyone has a weakness, we have to use it at a right time, and now its time to use it. Priya comes and says Vedika….

She says you break your fast. Vedika says I didn’t keep any fast, all thanks to you, I have no husband. Priya asks will you keep fast for husband, Pihu said you used to keep fast for your parents in childhood. Vedika asks what proof do you have. Priya says I need no proof, I m her mum,

I asked you to stay away from her, you made a big mistake. She says Nandini has done a bigger mistake by supporting her. Nandini asks what do you mean to say. Priya goes. Sandy says I was tensed knowing about the chits, who did that. Priya says I will find out. Shubham hears them.

Priya says Ram’s name is enough to get Pihu’s admission done. Sandy asks will you suggest Ram to give donation. Priya says yes, Pihu is daughter of a rich man, just 25 lakhs donation. Shubham scolds her and says this isn’t your money. Priya says it will be used for Pihu’s education. Everyone comes.

He says you taught this to Pihu to fool us and get money, congrats, she passed the first level, what’s the second level, theft? Ram comes and slaps Shubham. Everyone looks on. Ram says think well and talk about my daughter. Nandini says calm down, I know he said wrong. Shubham says you have slapped me in front of everyone,

I was trying to save your money. Ram asks from whom, Pihu is a kid, she didn’t do cheating, I will find out the culprit. Shubham says you should keep accounts of their expenses. Ram asks Adi to keep a check on Shubham’s expenses from now. Adi says fine.

Shubham gets angry and goes. Nandini says Ram… He says you know Pihu is my daughter, my everything, I won’t tolerate a word against her. He goes. Priya says I told you, stay away from my daughter, what happened with Shubham today can happen with you tomorrow, don’t forget it, Vedika.

She goes. Its morning, Priya prepares Pihu for the interview. Ram comes and talks to Pihu. Priya says we have to study, you should go. Ishaan comes. Ram says I have to talk to you, where did you get internship. Ishaan says I m working. Ram asks him to join them. Sara says Vikrant also works there. Priya says let Ishaan work anywhere he wants. Ram says don’t become everyone’s mum.

Priya says Ram had sent you abroad to study, your struggles should be yours, you should make Ram proud, he is overprotective about those he loves, you have to do everything yourself, Pihu this is for you also, when Ishaan does something on own, then Ram will be the most happy one. Ishaan says I agree, thanks Ram for the offer, but she is right, I have to do something on own. Ram thinks I have to meet Ishaan in private,


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pihu shows Priya’s pic and asks why does this look like a jail. Nandini smiles. Ishaan says Shivi died because of me. Ram is shocked.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
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