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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 12th November 2021 Episode starts with Ram and Priya arguing. Ram scolds the servants. He says I want my medicines like before, no need to listen to anyone. Priya takes the salad and eats. Ram thinks she didn’t had food, she stayed hungry for me. He coughs. She gives him water. He takes it himself.

Driver gets the bangles and asks where shall I keep this. Ram says I took this for Brinda and Shivi, keep that in room. Priya thinks Ram doesn’t want me to keep the fast. He thinks she would have bought it herself if she wanted. She says Shivi will come tomorrow, sign the paper tomorrow after the guests leave, then I will go. He says okay. He gets Adi’s message… Mahender won’t get bail, its attempt to murder case.

Priya talks to Meera on video call. Meera asks her to keep the fast and understand the significance. Priya asks Meera not to keep the fast for a criminal, Mahender is wrong. Meera asks will you keep fast for Ram. Shivi says Ram once said he will keep a fast for his wife. Ram looks at Priya. Meera asks Priya to keep the fast, go and have food. Shivi messages Ram and says I hope you are keeping a fast for Priya.

Nandini says I have prepared sargi for Priya, you both did not sign the papers, we have to keep the duties. She goes. Mami says I don’t think Priya will keep the fast, you maybe hungry here and she would be eating the food. Nandini comes to Priya’s room. She trashes the sargi in the bin and goes. Servant cleans the room. Priya comes to the room. He says I was cleaning and just leaving, shall I get breakfast for you. She says I will see.

Shashi comes home. Vedika asks where were you all the night. He asks why this drama of an insecure wife. She asks him not to worry. He says Priya got Mahender arrested, I was with my lawyer, I got to know you have got that video out. She says Nandini was misunderstanding Sid, I did this to save Sid. He says without asking me.

He scolds her. She says you don’t want to know who did this. He says information is a power, we should know how to use, Mahender is threatening me that he will tell Ram, will Ram do business with me. She asks what are you hiding. He says next time, ask me before doing all this.

Maitri says Neeraj is angry on me, why did he out that footage. Sara says yes, he should have given it to us. Ram talks to Adi and says I m working from home. He sees the sargi in bin and asks who has thrown it, Priya? Tarun says no, Nandini came to the room and threw this, I saw her. Ram thinks. Maitri says Priya is strong, shall we tell this to her, she can handle this well. Sara says fine.

Ram says you said you made sargi for Priya, then why did you throw it. Nandini says I went to the room and saw ghee upma there, I thought sargi won’t matter, I did this just for you, I asked you to marry, I m so sorry. Ram says its okay. Ram asks did Priya eat anything. Tarun says no, she said she will make it herself. Ram goes. Nandini thinks I saw Tarun and did this intentionally. Tarun apologizes and goes.

Neetu says I finished the upma and kept the bowl in the room. Priya says I m coming to the bakery, then we will talk. She sees the bangles and also the bowl. She thinks Ram had the food, he can’t stay hungry, never for me. She takes the empty bowl. Ram comes and thinks she didn’t keep the fast.

He asks did you tell Meera about marriage annulment. Priya says I will tell tonight and leave. Brinda comes. Priya leaves. Brinda says sorry Ram. He asks what happened. She says I asked you to marry Priya, she cheated you, she didn’t keep a fast for you, right. He says yes, I have seen her taking a bowl.

She asks him to have food. He says I can’t eat in front of you, you are fasting. She asks him to plan to welcome Shivi. She likes the bangles. He says its not for Priya. She says of course. He says its for you and Shivi. She says so sweet, come, we will prepare for Shivi’s welcome. He says yes. She smiles and messages someone.

Priya asks Maitri is everything fine. Maitri says nothing, I m getting divorced, Neeraj is very angry. Priya asks why. Sara says Neeraj got that video, he said he just gave the cctv footage. Sara says they just wanted to find out about Ram’s allergy. Maitri says Neeraj didn’t know about the footage.

Priya asks why is he shouting on you. Sara says its his habit. Maitri says he is venting anger on me. Priya says its Akki and Shivi’s pagphera, we will stop the family drama here. Sara says yes, good idea, already Karwachauth tension is there, you won’t stay hungry, have this cup cakes. Priya asks how can I eat in front of you, it doesn’t look good, I will have it at home. Sara says fine, you have it when we go. She messages Brinda.

She laughs. Priya asks what happened. Sara says nothing, how are these bangles. Priya says I had seen it and didn’t buy, Ram had come there. Sara says okay. Brinda thinks there is still hope, Priya and Ram are keeping a fast, it means their fight is on so they are hiding the fasts. Akki and Shivi come with family. Ram hugs them. Brinda asks Ram to take medicines. Ram says I don’t want. She thinks I know you are hiding the fast.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram says one can just earn trust, there is nothing without trust. Priya goes to Nandini and asks for papers to sign. Nandini smiles.

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Telecast Date:12th November 2021
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