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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 11th October 2022 Episode starts with Ram and Priya preparing Pihu for the interview. Pihu thinks it will be fun if we play together. Pihu says we will play together. She asks Adi to ask her questions. Pihu thinks I can’t give right answer, else my fast will break. She sings a song.

Ram says she is singing a song. Priya asks did you show her this movie. He thinks why isn’t Pihu focussing. Priya acts to get the answers from Pihu. She says it was easy, I wanted to know if you know it. Adi asks Ram to say the spelling of Mumbai. Vikrant asks are you serious. Ram says its not easy,

I have to try. He says Bombay. Pihu says Mumbai, not Bombay. Adi says they are making silly mistakes. Ram says we should go, mom kept a surprise for Pihu at home, I will pick you up, mom wants to come, is that a problem. She says no. She asks Pihu to go, the interview will go well. Everyone wishes Pihu all the best.

Vedika and Ram bring Pihu home. Nandini acts sweet to Pihu. She asks Pihu to come along with her. Ram asks them to come soon, he will wait. Vedika says I will also go and help Nandini. Nandini makes Vedika ready. Vedika fixes something to the watch/waistband and asks Pihu to wear it. Vedika fixes another chit to the watch. Nandini thinks we have added itching powder in the chit so that it comes out on time in front of everyone.

Priya is leaving. Sara asks her to have food and go. Priya says I already had the food. Sandy says liar, you didn’t have anything. Sara asks why did you keep the fast for Ram, tell him that you love him, everything will get sorted. Priya says nothing will get fine until Nandini and Shubham are there, they won’t let this happen, I won’t tell my feelings to Ram, else Pihu will start dreaming of a future that will never turn true.

She leaves. Sara and Sandy pray that a miracle happens, and Ram and Priya unite, Pihu gets the family back. Ishaan comes and shouts surprise. Sara hugs him. He says I had to come, its your first Karwachauth, Sandy helped me. Sandy argues and asks for chocolates. Pihu feels itching. Nandini thinks how can she tolerate much.

Pihu gives the interview. Principal asks Pihu’s fav hobby. Pihu says dance. Ram says she went on her Dadi. Priya thinks Ram is in stress, but he didn’t take any pill, did he keep any fast. Principal asks Pihu to take a toffee. Nandini asks Pihu to take it. Pihu takes the toffee. The chit falls on the table.

Nandini asks what happened. She shows another chit. Principal checks it. She sees the answers written. She asks what’s this. Ram asks how did you get these chits. Nandini asks Ram what is all this. Principal says this is called cheating, your daughter is cheating in this age, why did she need to cheat if she is intelligent. Pihu says I didn’t do this.

Ram says she can’t do this. Principal asks do you want me to neglect this, do you accept her mistake. Nandini asks who taught this to you. Priya says she didn’t do cheating, I know my daughter, she doesn’t cheat even in games. Ram says Madam will believe the proof, let me handle this my way.

Pihu shouts I m not a cheater, and leaves. Nandini smiles. Priya goes after Pihu and hugs her. Pihu says I didn’t do any cheating. Priya says calm down, I know, Ram doesn’t think so, he was saying that to handle the principal. She consoles Pihu. She asks her to stay there. She goes to get a juice drink.

Nandini says I can’t believe that Pihu did cheating, think of it, what if this news goes out, she won’t get an admission, I shouldn’t talk in between, but I care for Pihu. She thinks I will use Pihu in separating you both. She goes. Ram and Priya argue.

He says maybe she got scared, we have to explain her. She says she isn’t wrong. He asks how are you so sure. Pihu asks don’t you trust me. Ram says I trust you. She says I promise, I don’t copy. Priya says stop crying, I know you didn’t cheat. Pihu faints. They rush her to clinic. Doctor checks Pihu.

Ram asks what happened to her. Priya says it maybe because of weakness. Doctor says its due to weakness, she got dehydrated. Priya asks didn’t you feed her. Ram says I thought she had it. Pihu says I told Nandini that I will eat food later. He asks why didn’t you eat. Priya says you couldn’t answer because you were hungry, tell me the truth,

did you keep a fast. Pihu says yes, for you, so that you both stay happy, I didn’t do cheating, I knew all the answers, the chits aren’t mine. Priya says I told you, my Pihu never does cheating, I will find out who did this. She thinks Nandini might have done this. Ram says sorry. Pihu says sorry, I failed. They break Pihu’s fast. Pihu says break Priya’s fast also, she keeps fast every year.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shubham argues with Priya. Ram angrily slaps him.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2022
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