Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 17th November 2021 Episode starts with Mirza asking Aashiq to bring only the things which he wrote in the list. Aashiq goes. Sabina comes to his shop and calls Mirza. Mirza hugs her and asks Sabina if she came alone? Sabina says I will present chadar when he comes with me.

The rickshaw puller asks her to give him money. Sabina says she has forgotten seeing Jiju. Mirza argues with the rickshaw puller. Sabina plays him money and he goes. Mishra looks at them. Mirza asks Sabina to have kaju katli. She asks what is the good news? Mirza tells that he is going to be Abbu and Sakina is going to be ammi. Sabina says she didn’t tell me. Mirza says she told that she had told you.

Sabina makes him have sweets and says even I am pregnant. Mirza says it is a good news too. Sabina says we shall keep godh bharayi rasam and shall surprise her. She asks Mirza to get shoe from the shop. Mirza says ok. Sabina says Allah hafiz and goes. Mishra asks Mirza what is the matter? He asks who is she? Mirza says my Sister in law. Mishra says half wife and says she is very beautiful. Mirza asks him not to keep his eye on his sister in law. Mishra says if I am a bad guy. He teases him.

In the night, Mirza comes to the room and massages Sakina’s legs. Sakina gets up shockingly and he falls down the bed. He gets up and asks if she saw any bad dream. Sakina says I saw you suffocating my neck. He says I was massaging your legs. She asks what happened to my legs. Mirza says I shall take care of you in such days. Sakina asks if November month is special. Mirza says all 9 months are special. Sakina says where did three months go? Mirza says three months are special for us, so that 9 months come. Sakina asks if he has any thief in his heart. Mirza says all the place is occupied by you. They sleep.

Later he gets Sabina’s call and picks the call going out. Sakina wakes up and overhears him. Sabina asks him to give money to the cradle seller and says her husband will transfer the money. She thanks him. Mirza says he is our son too. Sakina hears and cries. Sabina asks him to take care of Sakina well, as she loves her a lot. Mirza says I love her more. Sakina goes crying. Mirza looks on.

Noorjahan comes to Sakina and asks her to have laddoo, and gives her promise. She says she will go and make food now. Shanti comes there and asks Sakina if she is free. Sakina says yes, Miya and Ammijaan do all the work. Shanti tells that she has to do all the work, just pan shop work is missing. She then asks her to taste the achaar. Sakina tastes and says it is ok. Shanti asks her to take another achaar.

Sakina makes a sad face and says when her heart is sad, what is the need of achaar? Shanti asks what happened and asks her to tell her. Sakina says Miya and Sabina….are having an affair. Shanti is shocked and asks what are you saying? Shanti says how can your husband have an affair with your sister. Sakina says my sister is having an affair with Mirza and is going to be his baby’s mother. She goes crying. Shanti is shocked and asks did he know? Mishra asks what?

Shanti takes him inside and tells about Mirza’s affair with his sister in law. Mishra says she is very beautiful, I have seen her pic, when I called her beautiful, Mirza got upset. Shanti gets angry. Mishra says I can’t believe that Mirza can do this. Shanti says his child is going to be born there. Mishra says how many kids? Shanti says we shall help Sakina. Mishra says if he gets 4th child then he will win from me. He asks Shanti if there is a chance of 4th child. Adi says very right. Mishra scolds him.

Bittu comes to the Mishra’s shop and talks to him about winning in the election hopefully. Mishra says I will not give you free paan, not even supari. Bittu says even I don’t want to eat, I come in your love here. Mishra says don’t love me, I can’t give you paan. The guy comes to deliver the cradle and asks Mishra. He informs him that cradle is bought for his sister in law. Mishra calls Aashiq and asks him to pay 2500 Rs to the delivery guy. Aashiq pays the money and takes the cradle. Mishra thinks all the dal is black.

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Telecast Date:17th November 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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