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Apnapan 9th August 2022 Episode starts with Harsh asking Pallavi to keep the blankets. Gagan says we have no house, if we go to Ranveer’s house, what after it, its not the solution, this problem happened because of Pallavi, she will give us a solution. Ranveer says she is your mum, she can’t stop living her life, if two people don’t love each other,

they have a right to get separated, Barkha you broke your engagement, right, tell me parents’ responsibility, Pallavi has done all the duties, she couldn’t stay with your dad, will you punish her in this age when she needs your support, you all are selfish, you don’t think of her, she works day and night to give you a good life. He scolds the kids.

Pallavi sits crying. Ranveer calls the kids selfish. He says you would still complain the same to her, she is your mom, she doesn’t want anything from you, just talk to her with love, she will get happy, you all can’t even do that, you all are selfish. He asks Pallavi to come to his house. Pallavi says no,

I won’t go, I won’t leave Harsh alone, you are there to help me, but I have to fight this alone. They all leave the house. Baghban…plays… Harsh asks the men to throw things outside. Manna shouts on him and says mom is our mom, who ousts mom, they are our own siblings, I never thought I will see your mean side, I hate it. She cries.

Ranveer scolds the neighbors and asks them to go home. Gagan says I will go from here. Barkha says ask Harsh to leave, its our house. Pallavi says nothing can happen. Barkha asks why. Ranveer asks Barkha not to worry. Barkha says you don’t care for us, dad should have been here.

Gagan says we can go and stay with dad, I will do this, I will support dad in the court case. Manna says I finally got my dream, my family, my mom, why did you snatch them. Harsh says they aren’t our family, you don’t know Pallavi. Gagan says Pallavi will ask us to sleep on the road, she knew Harsh came with a plan, she didn’t do anything, she didn’t fight, she is showing her love to Harsh, what about us.

Pallavi says I thought at least my kids will understand me. She cries. Nani says they are favoring luxury and money. Gagan says I m going from here. Ranveer asks Gagan to listen, everything will be fine. Gagan says don’t try to become my dad, I already have a dad. Pallavi asks Gagan to stop.

Barkha says even I m going from here. Manna asks how can you leave mom and go, she needs us. Barkha says she just needs you. Pallavi runs after Gagan. He takes lift from someone and goes. Pallavi gets hurt. Manna stops Barkha and says I m your sister, you can’t change this fact, you won’t go. Nani and Ranveer also stop Barkha. Barkha says I will die here. Manna says I will get her.

Harsh smiles and says don’t get involved in this drama, come inside, Pallavi deserves this. Nani slaps him. She says Pallavi loves you, you think I will stay here if you say, you go and stay in the house, alone, I will never leave my daughter. Gagan comes to Pallavi and takes care of her wound. She hugs him.

He asks her to go home. She says come home with me, forgive me, I will do as you say. He leaves. She cries. He calls Nick. Nandita says how much time more. Nick says I think we came on a wrong route. Nandita smiles and acts to faint. Badal asks her to get up. Nick says pat on her face. Nandita thinks how many drama do I have to tolerate. Nick says hit her, she shouldn’t fall asleep.

Nandita gets up. Nick asks are you okay. Pallavi comes back home and asks where are Manna and Barkha. Harsh says I will give you this good news, I won, congratulate me, my mission got complete, all your kids are gone, Barkha also left, everyone left you. Pallavi falls in shock. Harsh says I did it, I took some time, but finally everyone left you alone.


Apnapan 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranveer asks Manna about Barkha. Harsh talks to Nandita on call. Pallavi prays in the temple. Gagan runs away from the police. Barkha comes to Sid’s house.

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Telecast Date:9th August 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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