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Apnapan 8th August 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi saying I didn’t imagine Harsh will do this. Harsh says Pallavi forgot to renew the house lease. He shows the papers. He says house was on sale, I bought it, I m the house owner now. He sits on the stairs and smiles. He says meet the new house owner,

Harsh Jai Singh, I can’t let anyone of you stay here, just Nani can stay here, everyone get out of my house. Gagan gets angry. Nandita acts. Nick and Badal take her to the hospital. She says I want to go to Globus hospital, doctors know me there. Nick says its far. She says just take me there. He looks for his phone.

He says I forgot the phone in the café. Nandita acts and says my head, Nick, just hurry up. Nick asks her not to close eyes. She thinks I have to give you this stress for some more time. Barkha calls Badal.

Gagan scolds Harsh. Harsh says you aren’t loyal to your own siblings, you can’t be loyal to me, you selfish guy, go on the roads and beg, leave. Gagan beats him. They fight. Barkha and Manna cry. Pallavi stops Harsh.

She says you have much hatred in you, I couldn’t keep you with me and give you love as other children got, but you have a blood relation with your siblings, I m your mum. Harsh says don’t call yourself my mum. She says I will always be your mum, can you change this truth, your blood, its my blood. He says I will never regard you my mum, you aren’t my mum.

She says you will always be my son. He throws a table down. He asks what do you mean, a mother is someone who gives birth or leaves the kids, what happened, tell me, I had nobody with me. He cries. He says tell me, why didn’t you choose Manna instead Barkha, what was our mistake, my medical condition, that was my mistake,

I was defective so you left me, this was a game for you and dad, Manna used to cry at nights, dad used to stay busy and travel, I had no one to handle Manna, I was also young, Manna and I never saw childhood, we had no one with us,

we used to hold each other’s hands and sleep, you snatched our life’s precious moments, how can you call yourself our mum, tell me. Pallavi cries. He says it doesn’t matter why you did this, you left us alone. Pallavi recalls child Harsh. She asks him to cry as much as he wants.

She says I had to keep you away, but I couldn’t forget Manna and you, I missed you both. Harsh asks her to leave and take her fav kids along. He taunts her to feel the pain. Nani says if you had so much pain in you, then you should have talked to Pallavi. Harsh asks her to stay with him and Manna. Manna goes to Pallavi. Pallavi says you don’t want to forget this pain, Manna wants to forget it and live.

He shouts just leave. Badal says just some time. He asks Nick to be careful. Nandita shouts. Badal says my phone is ringing. She asks him to take care of her. Gagan calls Badal. He throws the phone. He says dad and Badal aren’t answering. Harsh asks Pallavi to leave.

Barkha says you are leaving on his saying, we aren’t your kids, you don’t think for us. She stops Pallavi. She argues with Harsh. The neighbors look on and gossip. Barkha asks the ladies to come in and talk. She taunts Manna.

Gagan sits crying. Ranveer comes and looks on shocked. He asks Gagan and Barkha what’s happening. Gagan says second Papa has come. Pallavi sits down. Ranveer holds her and says you have fever. He asks Manna to get medicines. Mamma goes to buy it from the medical store. Harsh asks Pallavi to keep the blanket, she will need it, especially in fever.


Apnapan 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Barkha and Gagan argue with Pallavi and Ranveer. Gagan leaves. Pallavi runs after him and gets hurt. Nandita thinks the entire family would have got shattered by now.

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Telecast Date:8th August 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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