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Apnapan 31st October 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi saying I can’t marry you, I don’t want to marry you, it was a drama, it came out infront of Dadi. Nani asks Manna what’s the matter. Dadi asks what is all this drama.

Nick asks what’s this joke. Pallavi says I have thought a lot, I can’t marry you. He asks are you joking, you were so happy. She says yes, what shall I tell the kids. He shouts on her. She says you have given me pain, worry and stress, I m tired, I don’t want any more tension, its good Dadi got to know the truth, there is no pretence left,

I felt that I got free after many years, I don’t want to get tied to you, enough of the drama and responsibilities. He says enough, you trusted this alliance well. She says I felt I love you, but I was much wrong. He asks what did you say. She says I don’t love you, I don’t want to marry you.

He asks who do you love, Ranveer? She says you proved it, you doubted me in a second, no, I don’t love Ranveer, not even you, why shall I marry you, I just got insulted, person can give life in love, pain and blames are ordinary thing in love, why shall I tolerate this when I don’t love you.

She says Dadi insulted me, why shall I tolerate more insult from her. He says you lie, when the truth came out, why aren’t you facing it, why are you saying it now when we promised to marry. She says I told my decision. He says its your last decision, fine, come with me and tell everyone, you can’t sit here, I won’t answer everyone. Nani says I will see Pallavi. Sonali says no, I will go to her.

Nick asks Pallavi to tell the pandit to leave, marriage won’t happen, ask the guests to leave. She says I m not marrying you, it doesn’t mean that you ask everyone to leave. Sonali comes. Nick asks what do you mean. Sonali asks why did you change your clothes. Nick asks her to leave. Pallavi says no Sonali, stop, its good you came here.

Pallavi gives the mangalsutra and asks her to marry Nick. Sonali acts. Nick asks did you get mad. Pallavi says I know about Sonali and you, I tried hard to ignore this. Nick says same doubt again, you are blaming me. Pallavi says no, I m saying the truth of our relation, even your mum thinks I m not suitable for you, she likes Sonali more, so marry Sonali. Harsh jokes. Dadi says I agree with Harsh.

Barkha and Manna ask why is Pallavi going this, when she was happy with Nick. Badal says I will go and see. Pallavi says you forced me to see this, you told me how much you worry for Sonali. She says you care for Sonali a lot, not for me, worry means you love her, we have to move on, maybe Sonali and you are meant to be together, maybe you get the happiness from her. Sonali smiles. Pallavi says I will also move on, its my right.

Nick asks Sonali will you marry me. Sonali asks what did you do. Nick says I m waiting for your answer, will you marry me. Sonali nods. He holds her hand and takes her. Badal comes.

Nick says Pallavi and I decided this, I will marry Sonali, Sonali is also ready. He asks Pallavi to come downstairs, is she okay now, she has to do the rituals. The kids ask Pallavi what is she doing, why would she get them married. Nandita smiles. Pallavi says Nick and my relation ended years ago. Sonali gets ready as the bride.

Nandita asks how did you do this. Sonali says let this be a secret between us. She makes Sonali sit in the mandap. She asks Pallavi to make Sonali wear the dupatta. Pallavi makes Sonali wear the dupatta and recalls Sonali’s threatening. Nick and Sonali start the marriage rituals. Pallavi recalls Sonali’s madness. Nick asks Pallavi to tie the gathbandhan. Pallavi ties it.


Apnapan 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadi says you have accepted defeat and gave your love to a second woman. Pallavi scolds Nick. Shanky says Pallavi doesn’t love you, she never wanted to marry you. Nick drinks.

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Telecast Date:31st October 2022
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