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Apnapan 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi asking Badal to come to the café. Badal makes an excuse of studies and sends her. He says I feel once I meet Sonali, it will get easier to unite mum and dad, then this fake drama won’t be needed. Nandita talks to Dadi and asks her to come soon.

Dadi says I m coming with Pallavi, its our day out. Nandita says welcome, I m waiting. She asks Ranveer is he ready. He thanks her for the help. She asks him to make an exciting entry. He says superb idea. He gives a matchstick to light the candles.

He goes. She calls him stupid. She says when mum comes, this dhol should play aloud. Sagar tells the dhol artists to play dhol when he signs them. Dadi and Pallavi come to the restaurant. The dhol plays. Dadi dances.

Pallavi laughs. Nandita says your world will get a spin when mum knows about Nick and your lie, mum’s fake happiness will turn into my real happiness. Badal reaches the lake. The man drops him and leaves.

Badal calls him out. He goes to the river bank. He calls Razia. He says the women here are dressed in black sarees. She says it looks like she stays at some dangerous place, why. He says I will try to find out. He goes to the women and asks for Sonali. The lady asks who. He shows the pic. She signs him to go there. He thanks her.

Pallavi asks Dadi to sit. Sagar says special table is reserved for you, come. Dadi says Nandita has arranged a good welcome. Pallavi says she is your daughter, at least smile seeing her. Dadi says fine if you say.

Nandita says tell the hero that its time for his entry. Sagar goes to call Ranveer. Ranveer asks how do I look. Sagar says very handsome, you will rock today. The girls get shagun for Pallavi. Pallavi and Dadi get puzzled.

Badal goes to Sonali. He sees her from far. He sees the pic. The ladies mock Sonali and make fun of her. Sonali falls down. The veil gets off her face. Badal sees her.

The lady scolds her. Badal shouts stop. He scolds the ladies for insulting Sonali. The lady asks who are you, just go away. Sonali says don’t get involved in this, just go. Badal says this roti isn’t right to eat, it’s a torture, shall I call the police. The ladies surround him.

The old lady asks how dare you threaten us. Badal says I have informed the police before coming here that I m finding Sonali. He takes Sonali with him and runs. Pallavi asks Dadi did you know this would happen. Dadi says no. Pallavi sees Ranveer coming. Dadi asks who is he.

Ranveer comes to Pallavi. She asks what are you doing. He says what I should have done much time before, I want to fix this relation in front of everyone. He shows the bangles. He says its my ancestral bangles,

I want to give this to you, I want to marry you. Nandita smiles. Dadi is shocked. She says Pallavi’s marriage with you. Pallavi says Ranveer… He says we can talk later, wear the bangles first. Dadi asks what’s happening, will anyone tell me. Nick comes and slaps Ranveer. Ranveer falls down. The bangles fall down and roll to Nick’s feet.

Nandita gets shocked seeing Nick. Ranveer holds Nick’s collar and gets angry. Nick asks how dare you talk like this to Pallavi, did you think she is a single woman, no, she isn’t single, I m with you. Ranveer says you are jealous of me. Nick says you forgot how to behave with a married woman.

Nandita watches the drama. Nick says I m Pallavi’s husband, we are together, if you try to talk to her again, then I will not spare you. Pallavi asks Nick to let Ranveer go. Sagar asks is Nick doing this out of jealousy. Nandita says no, he is doing this for his mum’s sake, he has no feelings of love for Pallavi. Ranveer says Pallavi deserves a better person, not you. Nick shouts.


Apnapan 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badal gets Sonali to the guest house. Nick and Pallavi argue about Sonali.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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