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Apnapan 29th August 2022  Episode starts with Pallavi asking Nick to lower the volume. Nick asks do you still wear this. She says yes, I wear it in winter, why are you touching my personal things, what were you finding. Nick says I need to have a peg.

She says you were finding it in my cupboard. He says I thought Teji has kept it, I know you don’t drink, I also stay here. She says yes, I can see that. She shows the clothes on the bed. He says sorry.

They both get the children’s pics in the group and show each other. They smile. Badal asks Barkha to come and talk. Barkha gives the family pic to Harsh. She says you weren’t in this pic before. Harsh says I knew it, you will think I m here to make relations.

She says I can’t forget what you did. He says anyone would have done it, else you would have lost your life, when you had your mom, I had no one, Dadi used to call me sometimes, I did this for Dadi’s sake.

Badal asks him to not insult them always. He asks Barkha to come. She says I came to say thanks, I get your point, you did it for humanity, I want to say thanks for the same humanity. Harsh says I won’t get feelings for my siblings, because my feelings were dead since all these years.

Badal asks Barkha to come. Nick says I forgot to get little happiness, I forgot myself, what happiness could I give to others, when I saw Harsh today, my son.. Pallavi says our son…. He says he isn’t bad hearted, he is a nice person. She says I always knew it. He says it means, we didn’t fail as parents. She smiles.

Its morning, Pallavi sings the aarti. The kids sit back and pray. Pallavi stops Nick and gives him the aarti. Dadi says Pallavi is forgetting something. She signs Pallavi. Pallavi bends to touch Nick’s feet. Nick stops her. He says we decided to not keep this rasam.

Dadi says these rasams will happen until I m here. Nani nods. Milk man comes. Dadi asks Nick to do this rasam also. Pallavi smiles. Nick signs her. Gagan gets a bowl and says 4 litres. Nick asks is that enough. Nick goes to get the milk. Everyone laughs seeing Nick and the milkman arguing.

Dadi asks Pallavi not to go on work, they will go for an outing. Pallavi says okay. Nick gives the milk bowl to Gagan. He gets a call. He goes and takes the call. Nandita asks are you going to meet the investors. He asks are you sure they are genuine. She asks him not to doubt her. He says fine, I will be there.

He ends call. She thinks just go out of town, then I will prepare for the drama at café. He goes to Dadi and says Nandita had called, I have a meeting with investors, I will get late, take care. She asks him to say bye to his wife. Nick says bye Pallavi. Dadi asks Pallavi to go with Nick to see him off. Pallavi goes.

Nick apologizes. He says you are doing all this because of me. Pallavi says its okay, its about mum’s health, nothing should happen to her, I accept everything for her. The neighbor ladies see them and gossip.

Nick sees the ladies, and goes. Dadi says Pallavi, we will go to Nick J’s café, you don’t have to work there. Pallavi says fine. Dadi says Nandita also wants us to come and see the café. Barkha says good idea. Badal says mom will sit there as a guest. Nani calls Pallavi to come aside. She says Ranveer had called. Pallavi worries.

She says I couldn’t talk to Ranveer since long, I have to tell him that marriage isn’t possible now. Nani says you always think of others, how do you always keep a big heart. Ranveer says marriage will happen well, roka will happen first and then other rasams. He sees the bangles and smiles.

Badal gets Razia’s call. Nurse Razia says I m excited to give you the news, I thought you want to know about Sonali. He asks her to please say. She asks do you want to meet her. He asks can I meet her. She says yes, I found out that she stays on the highway side, go and surprise Sonali.

He asks her to send address, he will surprise her. She says I have already sent the message. He thanks her. He sees Pallavi. Ranveer thanks Nandita for helping him in arrangements. She smiles. He says you have supported Pallavi, thanks. She says its your roka, you want it to happen well. He says Pallavi stays busy, I couldn’t talk to her, I will give her bangles and fix the relation officially.

She asks is Pallavi coming. He says yes, I didn’t tell my plan, it’s a surprise. She says you can tell my assistant Sagar if you want any help. She asks Sagar to help Ranveer. Ranveer goes. She says if Ranveer makes this ceremony grand, it will be good for me, let him confess love to Pallavi, when he makes Pallavi wear shagun bangles in front of my mum, I will get peace, mum will know the truth of the happy family, their happiness will be ruined.


Apnapan 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadi asks what’s happening here. Nick gets angry seeing Ranveer. Badal meets Sonali.

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Telecast Date:29th August 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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