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Apnapan 28th July 2022 Episode starts with Nick asking Harsh to come, what’s these papers. Harsh says research material. He asks for a drink, because its Nani’s birthday. He drinks. Nick goes. Harsh asks Ishaan to suggest, what to wear for the theme party. Ishaan says wear anything, I m following the theme, still I m alone.

Harsh says if someone hurts you, then double hurt them, in this case, Barkha is my sister, so this rule isn’t valid, I m protective for my sisters. Nick comes. Harsh calls him a protector and goes. Nick takes the file. Harsh takes the file. Nick dances with his kids. Ranveer and Pallavi come. Everyone stops dancing. Nick dances in front of her.

Everyone laughs. Barkha stops the music. Badal and Gagan stop Nick. Nick asks what happened, I m enjoying party with kids. Pallavi says I m working hard to save my kids from him, you are partying with him.

Nick says they are my kids also, you made me a villain in front of them, its your mum’s birthday, I won an award, I m celebrating with my family, my kids. She asks your kids. He says they are my kids, you doubt me, you have a problem with me. She says yes. He says that’s your problem. Nani asks them to shut up, its her birthday today, she wants peace.

Nick goes with the kids. Ranveer asks Pallavi to come and have food. They all dine. Nick says your fav food. He presents the food. Ranveer holds Pallavi’s hand. Manna looks on. Nick jokes on Pallavi. Ishaan says everything is made tasty. Nick says thanks, I had my three chefs with me, Badal, Gagan and Barkha.

Pallavi says Gagan, you went to the café to cook, you don’t even take water in the house, Barkha doesn’t know making tea. Gagan and Barkha answer her. Nick asks them to eat. Pallavi thinks Nick is making kids on his side. Ranveer passes the food to Pallavi. Harsh gets a call. Nick asks did you forget your manners.

Harsh says you are talking of manners, you came here uninvited and fighting with the house owner, its bad manners. Nani says I invited him. Harsh says I m sure, but mom didn’t wish him to come, she is the house owner. He goes. Pallavi says Harsh called me mom for the first time. Harsh takes Nandita’s call. He says stress levels are high here. Nandita says Pallavi thinks Nick has done this,

she will lose the kids custody. Harsh says dad is here, Pallavi thinks he has come to get the custody. She asks what is Nick doing there. He says he came to celebrate. She says make sure that their misunderstand stays, she should think Nick is involved. He says don’t worry, house registry also happened, I m waiting for the right time. He smiles.

Sid goes live. He tells about Nani’s birthday. Harsh says I have no memories with Nani. Barkha says we have many memories with her. Manna says memories can be made in one moment sometimes. Barkha and everyone tell about Nani. They laugh. Nick says I have a news about her, she is like my mom, but I don’t want to become her son,

she is my perfect BP, she used to secretly feed me fried pakoda. Nani says you remember everything. He says yes, I remember everything. Pallavi says so he still has the BP problem. Ranveer asks did he tell you. She says yes, storeroom, I m so stressed. He says you can’t stand each other, you would have not discussed this bp problem. Pallavi says he is entering my family, he will take my kids.

Ranveer says relax, maybe he isn’t thinking of this. Nick says I want a pic with my kids. Nani asks where did the award go. Nick says get it. Ranveer clicks their pic. Gagan says I was planning to take such a phone, but I didn’t get it. Nick gives the phone to him. Gagan says no. Nick says its okay. Pallavi returns the phone to Nick.

Nick says I m his dad, I can gift this to him. She says no. Nani asks Pallavi to have some sweets. Pallavi goes. She asks Badal to come. She gives the sweet dish bowls. Ishaan says its interesting. Nick asks whose idea was this of a retro theme party. They say Barkha. Barkha says I like managing party arrangements. Nick asks her to make a career. Pallavi shouts enough. Nick says you can discuss the issues later, I just want to enjoy the time with Nani and kids.

Ranveer asks Pallavi to relax, Nick isn’t a bad man. She says you find him good because you are a good person, I won’t let him know that I m scared, else he will take an advantage of this. He says I promise you, no one can snatch your kids. Nick says gifts time, I got gift for everyone. Pallavi scolds Nick. Harsh smiles.


Apnapan 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nick and Pallavi argue. The kids cry seeing them.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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