Apnapan 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 26th October 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer coming home. Nick asks what is he doing here. Ranveer says I had to get the restaurant bills signed. Nandita asks did you call him. Sonali says yes. Nandita signs the waiter.

The waiter drops the letter in front of Dadi. He says I have to give this to Ranveer. Nandita asks what is it. She checks the letter. Dadi reads the letter and is shocked. She asks Pallavi did you write this. Pallavi says yes.

Dadi asks why was he going to give this to Ranveer. Nandita shows the envelope. Dadi says this marriage won’t happen. She asks Nick to get up. She breaks the gathbandhan. She scolds Pallavi. She says Pallavi has written this letter for Ranveer. Nandita says give it to me, I shall do the honours. Sonali smiles. Nandita reads the letter.

Pallavi says Nikhil… Nick stops her. Nandita reads the entire love letter. Dadi asks did you write this letter or not. Pallavi says yes but… Dadi says no need of any but now. Pallavi says I wrote the letter for Nick. Dadi says don’t lie. Lalita says I know, Pallavi wrote this for Nick. Dadi says Pallavi is cheating Nick.

The guest lady taunts Pallavi. Nandita says the lipstick shade is matching with Pallavi’s lipstick. Pallavi says I m also a mum, you think I will do anything that affects my kids. Dadi says Ranveer is wrong, he came here to take the love letter. She scolds Pallavi and cries. Pallavi says I m saying the truth in front of this fire,

Nick and I are marrying just for your sake, you matter a lot to me, I wrote this letter for Nick, not Ranveer. Nick says enough Pallavi. She says believe me. He says I always believed you, its enough, this marriage won’t happen now. He pours water in the havan kund and puts off the fire.

Sonali and Nandita smile. Sonali jokes. Nandita asks her to control. Pallavi asks do you really think, this is true and I m lying. Dadi says enough, I returned here for you. Nani defends Pallavi. Dadi says she ruined my family name.

Pallavi says you kept Satyanarayana puja after marriage, we went to get flowers, I realized that I paid less money to the flower vendor, we went back to give him 50rs, he was surprised and laughed at me, you asked him not to laugh, your bahu doesn’t keep anyone’s single rupee, I didn’t learn to lie and cheat,

you trusted me, can I cheat my own family, with Nick, you and my kids, with myself, no, all this is a lie. Dadi says you are lying. Nani asks her to get quiet. Dadi says everything is against Pallavi, you are calling her innocent. Lalita says but Pallavi wrote this letter for Nick. Dadi says you are her best friend.

Manna and Badal ask Nick to think why would Pallavi write the letter for Ranveer. Dadi says this letter is the proof against Pallavi. Pallavi stops Manna. She says this is my fight. She asks Nick… Nick says I don’t want to hear anything or see your face, just leave me alone. He leaves and recalls their moments.

Manna asks Pallavi not to give up. Pallavi says I have no proof, but I can meet my eyes in mirror. Barkha, Manna and Badal ask Pallavi to do something. Dadi asks the guests to leave. The kids stop the guests. Ranveer says I will talk to Nick, I will fight for your rights, Pallavi. She asks him to listen. Pallavi thinks I have to stop Ranveer, Nick will worry more.


Apnapan 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nick says I will keep this relation truly. Sonali takes Pallavi at the knife point and threatens her.

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Telecast Date:26th October 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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