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Apnapan 26th July 2022 Episode starts with Nick saying Pallavi can come if she wants, we have to arrange a big family dinner. Shanky teases him about Pallavi. He says you have made a heroic entry and bashed the villain, legendary.

Nick asks did you see Pallavi, I feel she wanted to say something to me. Shanky says I know what she wanted to say, its about Ranveer and Pallavi, I won’t say, I m going. Nick asks him to say. Shanky says Lalita said Pallavi didn’t say yes to Ranveer. Nick turns and smiles. He says I really don’t care.

Shanky says like really, you do a drama, you need an acting award. Nick says you waste my time, we have to make many preparations, we have to go to Pallavi’s house for her mum’s birthday. Shanky asks will you go there. Nick says yes, my kids are there, you are irritating me. Shanky laughs.

Manna goes to help Ishaan. Ishaan asks how much more shall I wait, my patience is ending. She says Barkha will agree one day. Gagan comes singing bachna aye haseeno… They laugh. Gagan says its retro party.

Barkha falls in Sid’s arms. She thanks him. Manna asks Ishaan to just ignore. She tells about the movie Ek Villain returns. Badal also comes singing. Ishaan sees Barkha and Manna dancing with Sid. Gagan says he is flirting with both our sisters. Badal says let it be. Nick poses for the pic.

Shanky asks Nick to smile a bit. Nick says I m feeling pain in my stomach, I had a lot of food. Shanky asks who asked you to eat so much. Pallavi comes and looks on. She says show off and goes. Nick sees her. Lalita asks why are you so angry. Pallavi says he threatened me of custody and he is celebrating.

Lalita says he fought for you. Pallavi asks how dare he ask for the custody, he never looked back at the kids. Lalita asks her to talk to Nick like a mature adult, tell him that custody fight isn’t good. Shanky asks Nick to see Pallavi, don’t throw the party. Nick says I don’t need her permission, she always stays hungry.

Shanky says talk to her calmly with love. Pallavi and Nick pose for the pic, and smile. Shanky says come, we will cut the cake. Everyone claps. Pallavi angrily feeds him the cake. The photographer says Sir won a big award. He asks her to feed the cake again for the pic. Pallavi and Nick argue. Shanky asks what’s the problem, he wants to take the kids along. Nick says yes, they are my kids. Lalita says kids are just of Pallavi. Shanky argues.

Nick and Pallavi argue. Pallavi says we will meet in the court. Nandita comes and says all the best. Nick asks what did she mean. Nandita says how would I know. She goes. Nick says I don’t understand, I want to take my kids to a party, I don’t care what she thinks.

Harsh gets Nandita’s call. She says I told Pallavi about the custody, Nick doesn’t know this, she will make a mistake, she will do anything to stop the custody, but not talk to Nick directly because of ego, Nick won’t understand, just do your work. He says well done, much things will spoil for her, I will make a lot away from her. She says I will make their weaknesses, your strength.

Harsh throws the dart at Pallavi’s pic. Pallavi meets the lawyer. He says you have no share in restaurant, you have no money and many responsibilities, your property is also on lease. Pallavi says yes. Lawyer scolds the peon.

He says you will lose the kids custody. She asks for solution. He says there is just one solution, your marriage. She says think and tell me, this can’t happen. He says marry in a good house, settle yourself, court will think you will take care of the kids, make me meet your elders. She says not today, its my mum’s birthday.

The kids dance in the party on disco deewane…. Nani is with Nick. Pallavi calls her. Nani asks her to come home. She says you made me lie. He says I got chilli chicken for you. She thanks him. She says same aroma and same taste, nothing changed. He says like Pallavi, why are you scared of her, I m not scared of anyone.

He asks did you send her custody papers through your lawyer. Nick says I spoke to the lawyer. Nani says I told Pallavi, you can’t do anything such, talk to her, you both are still fighting like kids. He says she always argues, I will tell her today. She asks will you really talk to her. He thinks I will talk to her today.


Apnapan 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi talks to Ranveer and Lalita and cries. Harsh says this will be the last party in this house.

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Telecast Date:26th July 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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