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Apnapan 24th October 2022 Episode starts with the man coming and saying you had to return the necklace. Pallavi returns the jewellery. She says if you really wanted to give me something. She takes the mangalsutra and says I will respect all the things that symbolizes our marriage, even if it’s a fake marriage.

He says I know we are marrying for mum’s sake, can’t we spend the moments with family by forgetting the past. She thinks I m ready to forget, but Sonali will not let me forget. He asks can’t you meet Ranveer after marriage. She says he doesn’t mean anything to me, this marriage is for mum.

Nick says I know you don’t dislike me. She says I don’t dislike or hate you. He says I can never hate you. She says forget everything, I want us to be true in this relation, there is no space for lies. He holds her face and says I told you before also, I will keep this relation with truth, I just want you to trust me, will you. The kids come and ask them to come. Nick says I had loosened her hair, I like it that way. They say aw… Gagan says we have to give you guidelines before marriage.

Nick asks really. Badal asks did you write new wedding vows. Nick says I remember it, don’t you remember. Pallavi says I also remember it. She goes with Barkha. Sonali says I will vow that I will not let this marriage happen, now S effect starts. Barkha says mum shouldn’t go out. Lalita says I know.

She compliments Pallavi and hugs her. She says Nick is genuinely trying this time. She gets Ranveer’s call. Pallavi says I don’t want to talk. Lalita says he is feeling embarrassed and want to say sorry to you, just talk to him once.

Pallavi talks to Ranveer. He says Lalita said you and Nikhil are writing personal vows for each other, can I help you and repent, please let me help. She recalls Nick’s words. She says I don’t want your help. He says maybe you can make Nick believe that you have nothing in heart for me, I will get a chance to apologize to Nick. She says okay, I will try. Lalita goes out. Ranveer advises Pallavi to say her feelings to Nick. She says I can’t do this.

He asks her to write a letter for Nick. Sonali gets Nick there. Nick hears Pallavi talking to Ranveer. Pallavi writes a letter for Nick. Gagan comes and asks Nick to come, Pallavi is with Lalita. Pallavi thanks Ranveer. Lalita keeps the letter there. Ranveer says I m really sorry, Pallavi, I m doing this for you, there is no other way. He leaves.

The kids get Nick there and ask him to identify Pallavi. Dadi says Nick will identify Pallavi but Pallavi…. Pallavi greets Dadi. Nani makes Dadi laugh. Nandita gives the perfume to Sonali. Sonali says now Nick will choose me, not Pallavi, we have to see Pallavi’s face. Nandita says it will be fun when the ladies taunt Pallavi.

Barkha makes Sonali stand beside Pallavi. Nick holds the ladies’ hands and then comes to Pallavi. Pallavi smiles. The kids confuse him. He goes and holds Sonali’s hands. Sonali smiles seeing Pallavi. Nick leaves her hands, and says whoever you are, forgive me, you aren’t my Pallavi, my Pallavi is here.

He holds Pallavi’s hands. Dadi says I told you, he will identify her. Everyone claps. Gagan says you are a champ. Nick says I can identify her in huge crowd also. Ranveer comes there. He hires a guy and asks him to get the letter from the drawer. He says I called you to know where you have kept that letter, I will do what I want. Pallavi asks did you just guess it. Nick says I got bangles for you when you didn’t tell me the bangles size.

Manna asks them to give her some attention. She says they will share their vows together. Lalita says Nick will say the vows, we will hear it together. Sonali stands. Nick compliments Pallavi. He says we are marrying again, our kids will see our rounds, your beauty and my age got more with time, not much, my vow is brand new.

He promises Pallavi. Sonali signs Nandita. Nick praises Pallavi’s beauty a lot. She feels shy. He says I will try to fight with you, I will always listen to you, I will support you in every sorrow and joy, even if you have migraine and apply the bad smelly balm, I promise I will be with you, I will try that your smile never goes away. Everyone smiles.


Apnapan 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nick says you are my family, you are my everything. Pallavi also promises Nick. Sonali says once Dadi reads this letter, she will not let this marriage happen. Dadi breaks Nick and Pallavi’s gathbandhan.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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