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Apnapan 21st July 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi and her kids coming in the party. Ram and Adi welcome them. Pallavi asks where is Priya. The ladies taunt Pallavi. Ram asks what rubbish. Pallavi says its fine, its their work to talk nonsense about others, focus on your family’s special day. Ram says Priya’s foot is hurt,

she is on wheelchair. Pallavi sees Priya. Nick goes to Priya. Ram asks who is this man talking to her, is he flirting, doesn’t he have his wife. Pallavi says not now, he had a wife. Ram asks how would he like if I flirted with his ex wife. She says I won’t like it. He says oh, its you, no, I would not flirt with you. He welcomes the minister.

Nick greets the minister. Minister says meet Ram, he is very famous for many reasons. Ram meets Nick and says I met Pallavi, she is a nice lady, you should answer the people who are saying wrong things about her. Nick says she is my ex wife, its my choice if I want to take a stand or not. He goes.

Pihu says I will dance with my dad on my fav song. Adi sees Ram. Pallavi comes to Priya. She asks how are you. Priya says good, Pihu is going to dance. Ram says Pihu is going to make me dance on her tunes. Pihu asks Ram to match her steps. Dil deewana….plays… Ram thinks its my fav song. He dances with Pihu.

Vedika sends the waiter. Nick sees Pallavi. Ram sees Priya. Ishaan gets the drink. Everyone dances with Ram. Vedika keeps an eye on Ishaan. Sara goes with Vikrant’s family. Shubham thinks I have to talk to this minister. Vedika follows Ishaan. He feels dizzy. Ram asks how did you like it, I matched steps.

Pihu looks for Priya. Vishal sees Pallavi. He thinks you have to pay a real price for insulting me. Everyone dances. Gagan asks can’t we forget everything and enjoy. Badal says lets go. They all also dance. Vedika asks what happened to you.

Ishaan asks her to go. He says I feel dizzy. She says I m not wrong. He says I m the culprit, everyone’s lives are ruined because of me. She asks why are you saying this. He recalls Shivi’s death.

Ram says Priya is in her room, her room is there. Pihu says I have to go to washroom. Ram says I will take you there. Vedika asks are you okay, sorry, it was my mistake about the illegal papers, I did that for Ram, he already suffered because of Priya, you love Priya, even if she is wrong. Ishaan says she isn’t wrong.

Pihu gets upset and goes. Ram asks her to listen. Ishaan says stop blaming her, she is really nice, you will murder someone and put someone else in the jail, but Priya saved me, Shivina died by my hands. Vedika is shocked. They hear Ram coming. Vedika goes. Ishaan thinks Ram and Pihu can’t see me in this state.

He hides. Ram thinks that cheap cupcake is costing me a lot. Nandita and Harsh come. They say there is much noise. The kids bring Pallavi and Nick for the dance. Nimmi taunts them. Ishaan asks everyone to come ahead, Nimmi will cut her birthday cake. Pallavi gets the cake. Nimmi thanks her and calls her talented. Pallavi says its your day, enjoy.

Nimmi cuts the cake. Everyone claps. Nimmi says its good Barkha didn’t become a part of our family, let your mum’s life settle first. Nani says you are insulting Barkha, why. Nimmi says I m talking about Pallavi, Barkha also broke Ishaan’s heart. Ram comes. Nimmi says Pallavi’s video got viral, didn’t you see it.

She asks Nani to see the video. Pallavi says I don’t need to clarify anything about me. Nimmi says I can see that well. Pallavi says those who know me, this video doesn’t matter to them. Pihu says I m feeling sleepy.

Meera takes her. Nick and Vishal have drinks. Pallavi looks on. Nick asks did you get the stock. Vishal says yes. Pallavi says people are talking about me because of Vishal, you are here with him. Nick says don’t defame a decent man. He goes. Pallavi gets sad. Ram asks are you okay.

She says yes, we shall continue the celebration. Ram raises a toast for Sara and Vikrant. He says they deserve all the happiness, they are getting married, I can’t say a lot about marriage, but marriage is something that saves a partner from the worst things. Nick claps and says what a speech, superb,

I m more qualified than you, may I. He says Pallavi and I couldn’t tolerate each other, I m happily single now, once I got divorced, I got success and happiness, its better to cut off a rotten relation, else it doesn’t let you move on. Ram says I think its enough. Nimmi says let him say, his wife has many affairs.

Ram asks how can you discuss anyone’s personal life. Nimmi says you can watch the video. He says enough, I won’t accept this behavior about any woman. Nick says relax, don’t get into this. Pallavi goes and cries. She thinks I didn’t know that you can stoop to this level.


Apnapan 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nick beats up Vishal and scolds him. He hugs his children. Pallavi smiles.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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