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Apnapan 20th October 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer making Sonali out of the house. He says I won’t let Pallavi cry to get my happiness, that’s not love, I truly love her. She says there is still time, you can get her, she got your mehendi, its haldi tomorrow. He shuts the door. Pallavi asks for the kids.

Dadi says they went somewhere in the morning. Pallavi says I won’t sit in haldi until Dadi applies shagun mehendi to me. Dadi says fine, I will apply haldi, I will get ready and come. Nandita says I will help you. Pallavi asks for her phone. Nick says I have it, it was in the room, its Ranveer’s call, go and meet him,

tell me your decision before mum comes. She turns and sees Ranveer. Sonali says Ranveer couldn’t stop himself. Pallavi asks did you want more drama. Ranveer apologizes. He says matter is something else, I came to alert you about Sonali, her intention isn’t right. She asks what do you mean to say. Nandita gets Sonali’s message. She asks Dadi to come, everyone is waiting. Ranveer tells everything to Pallavi.

He says Sonali came to provoke me, think of Sonali and understand her plan, what does she want. She recalls and says one pills…. Ranveer shows Sonali adding the pill in the tea cup. She says no, and runs. Sonali gives the tea to Dadi. Pallavi throws the tea away. She says Dadi won’t have the tea. The ladies gossip. Dadi asks what are you trying to do. Pallavi says Sonali mixed something in the tea. She asks what did you add.

Nick asks what are you saying. She asks Sonali what did you add. Sonali says nothing. Pallavi says I have seen you adding white pill in the tea, you had given me sleeping pills, so I slept for long. Sonali asks what are you saying.

Pallavi says Nick, you were surprised, how did I slept late, I remember, Sonali gave me water in the kitchen, she gave me a glass of milk on the other day, you thought I have made Sonali do the work. She scolds Sonali.

Sonali says wait, you said about these pills, I had drank the tea, did anything happen to me, see, you still don’t trust me, I will eat all the pills. Nandita and Dadi ask her to stop. Sonali says its sugarfree, not sleeping pills. Pallavi says forgive me Sonali, I made a mistake, I misunderstood you, I got confused,

I had seen such bottle with white pills. Sonali asks what. Pallavi shows the red potli bag. She says white pills are in this. She shows the pills. Nandita worries. Pallavi says that’s sugarfree, what is this, sleeping pills, right. Sonali says yes, its my sleeping pills, I don’t get sleep at night, I walk in sleep, you know what happened with me, I lost my husband because…. Nick says calm down, just relax,

don’t get hyper. Sonali cries and says Nick also knows about my health issues, I didn’t want to tell this in front of them, but everyone got to know this because of you, I will eat all the tablets and sleep forever, I don’t have any wrong intention. Dadi says stop it Sonali. Sonali says no, I will have it. Nick shouts stop it, did you go mad. Nick gets angry. He says I told you about her condition, you said you will get her treated, see the result of your doubt. Sonali says sorry.

Pallavi says Ranveer told me. Nick asks did he tell you. Pallavi says yes. She goes and gets Ranveer. She asks them to say, Sonali came to his house to make a plan to stop her marriage. Dadi says enough now, not a word anymore, we won’t believe Ranveer, forget him, you have ashamed us and blamed Sonali for this, its not her mistake, she didn’t give me any mistake. She says you woke up late, its not Sonali’s mistake. She scolds Pallavi.

She says you wanted to get separated from Nick, whenever Ranveer came here, he got troubles along, you believe him blindly. She asks Pallavi to apologize to Sonali right away. Pallavi apologizes to Sonali and cries. Sonali says no, I want your blessings and love. Dadi praises Sonali. Sonali and Nandita smile.

Nani thinks Pallavi has tolerated a lot, now haldi will happen. She says drama is over, we shall complete haldi ritual now. Sonali gets angry. Nick and Pallavi sit for the haldi. Nani asks Dadi to come. Dadi applies the haldi. She doesn’t bless Pallavi. Nick says Maa…


Apnapan 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonali says I will deal with this situation, there is one way to ruin this marriage, that’s to ruin Pallavi. Everyone dances in baraat. Nick leaves with his haldi plate.

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Telecast Date:20th October 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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