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Apnapan 17th August 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi calling out the kids and looking for them. Lalita says kids went out, Nani asked me to take care of you. Pallavi says you don’t know Nick. She calls Badal. He says I m at the café.

Lalita says no one is at the café, maintenance work is going on. Pallavi asks what, where is Harsh. Lalita asks why are you asking about him. Pallavi says he is my son, I have to talk to him. Badal says sorry to lie, I can’t tell you where I m and why. Manna gives the besan laddoos to the lady and says mom has sent this.

The lady says Sonali and Pallavi were the best friends, Nick came in Pallavi’s life, three of them became good friends. She talks a lot. They ask about Sonali. The lady talks nonsense. They look on.

Barka says they are inside, they are taking time. Gagan asks what will they find out about mum and dad’s past, there is no use. Barkha says we can try, Badal and Manna think everything will get normal. He says you are supporting Manna, what’s the secret.

She recalls Manna. Barkha says if we find the reason for mum and dad’s divorce, then we will sort out. He says they hate each other. Nandita says you hate Pallavi, why did you buy this house. Nick orders the food and an ice bucket.

She argues. Nick says its my blood, my kids, living there, if we knew all this, then why did you not stop Harsh, why didn’t you tell me. She acts breathless. He says I asked you to eat something light. She says I want to answer you. He says we will talk later. She says if I knew that Harsh is going to do this, then I would have stopped him, I had no clue, trust me. Nick laughs.

She says good, I m feeling better. She also laughs. He says I have a talented sister, such a good actress, you think I don’t know, you are acting ill. She says it means you heard everything. He says no, I understood when the fraud doctor gave the food to a patient which he can’t give, he lied to me, I m not blind, I saw you signing him,

I heard you talking to Harsh, Gagan reached me, I spoke to landlord and got all the papers changed, my fate is good, else a stranger would have got this house. She says I love you, you are my brother. He says you wanted to save me from my wife, by making my kids away, I don’t want to see your face, just go.

She says no. He says just leave, get out, I have a meeting with the investors. Harsh drinks a lot. Nandita comes. Harsh says Nick humiliated me in front of Pallavi, I lost to her, I have to go back to New York. She says we are together in this fight, we didn’t lose the entire fight. He falls asleep. Pallavi comes. Nandini taunts her. They both argue.

Pallavi says I will change Harsh’s heart. Nandita says you sometimes shock me. She laughs. She says you wanted to change few things some times back, you remember, Nick, you forgot, Nick had a lifestyle, he had choices,

he just loved the attention, did he change for you, no, stop trying to change, he started a scene with Sonali. Pallavi says I don’t want to hear this name. Nandita says your past won’t change, the truth is the present is that, we all hate you, even Nick, we will hate you.

Pallavi says I know he hates me, but he saved the roof for my kids, its enough. Nandita says really, whatever Nick did, did he do this to save a house, it’s a strategy, you didn’t understand this, let me explain, your children custody case is going on, he bought the house, it proves that he is a better dad,

you all are staying in his house, you all are dependent on him, he took the roof, he will take the kids also, you both got boring, just stop it and accept the defeat. Pallavi leaves. Nandita laughs and thinks I have to fuel your hatred and wait for everything to get over. Pallavi comes to Nick and cries. Nick asks what happened.

She asks did you want to buy the house to show the world that you are a better dad for the kids. He says you are misunderstanding me, there is no reason. He thinks why do you always misunderstand me. She thinks just tell me there won’t be any problem regarding the kids.


Apnapan 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi says you want the kids custody. Nick says Sonali told the truth about you. She cries and leaves.

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Telecast Date:17th August 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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