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Apnapan 16th August 2022 Episode starts with the neighbor ladies commenting on Harsh. They pity Pallavi. They scold Harsh for his evil deed. Harsh asks them to sit and have tea, watch the drama. The kids stand with Pallavi.

The ladies say Pallavi should go with Ranveer, poor Pallavi. Harsh calls the agent and says get at least one bidder to buy the house. The ladies say maybe some rich man will come and buy Pallavi’s house, it’s a disaster.

Landlord comes there and greets Harsh and Pallavi. He shows the papers. Harsh says you had to deal it my way, I have done a lot. The man says I want my profit, this house is on the owner’s name now. Harsh asks who. Nick gets down the car. Everyone is shocked seeing Nick.

Ajeeb dastaan…plays… The kids smile seeing Nick. Nick asks the man to go, he will give an introduction himself. He says Harsh, I m your dad, I m a chef by profession, I know how much to feed people and when, its okay, you will learn it if you are with me,

every game has ethics, next time, play fair, don’t worry. He asks the kids to come to him. The kids happily hug Nick. Harsh goes. nick says I m the new owner, get a chair for me, a fan and an umbrella. Nani hugs Nick and cries.

He makes Nani sit and asks them to take care of her. Pallavi and Ranveer look on. The ladies look on and smile. Barkha and Badal say how did dad get to know. Nick recalls Gagan. Gagan comes wit his friend.

He hugs Badal and Manna. He smiles seeing Pallavi. Nick thinks maybe Pallavi is thinking of thanking me. Pallavi faints down. Nick worries for her. He lifts her and takes her inside the house. Ranveer looks on.

Nick takes Pallavi to her room and makes her lie down. He says so much was happening, everyone tried to contact me, you didn’t think of informing me once, we have many differences, but I m not a stranger that you hid a big thing from me. Ranveer calls the doctor. Doctor asks the men to go out.

Manna sits with Pallavi. Ranveer thanks Nick. Nick asks why. Ranveer says for saving this house. Nick says maybe I m the reason for this, Harsh was with me since childhood, I couldn’t give him dad’s love, I m responsible for his deeds, I think I failed as a father. Ranveer says if you failed, then Manna would have not been so sorted and sensible,

she takes care of everyone, you shouldn’t blame yourself. Badal says Nani is asking us to have something. They sit to have snacks. A man comes. Gagan says auction is over, get out. Nick says I called them, they came to keep the furniture back. Barkha says Gagan shouts without thinking. Badal says he loves action.

Gagan says yes, I got dad here. Nick offers the sandwich to Ranveer. Ranveer says thanks, I m good. Nick says thanks for taking care of my family and Pallavi. Ranveer says Pallavi is my best friend, I really care for this family. Nick says I m sure you do. Doctor comes downstairs and says she is okay,

nothing to worry, make sure you give her medicines on time. Ranveer talks to him. Nick sits with Nani and kids. The kids ask Nick to stay with them at the house, he owns it now. Manna asks Nick to shift here. Nick sees Ranveer and recalls the ladies words. He says I have no plan of shifting, we shall focus on Pallavi’s health now, have food. Pallavi shouts in sleep. Gagan and Barkha come.

He says we are ready. Ranveer asks Nick what is he doing, was he acting, he can’t take the kids. Nick says relax, you can start a new life with Pallavi, why do you want a burden. Ranveer says they are Pallavi’s life, they aren’t a burden on me. Nick and Ranveer fight. Badal stops them. Nick says Badal you will become a better chef than me, I can help you, Pallavi has no resources.

Nani asks how can you do this. Nick says this is right for Pallavi also, if this matter goes in court, then all the dirty secrets will come out, you know it well, Pallavi has hidden about Badal and Gagan’s birth from me, out of court settlement will be the best, its good for all of us. He says Manna, you always fought with me, you did everything to get my attention, sorry, I wasn’t there for you, give me one chance, I will prove that I m a good dad. Gagan says he is right. Barkha asks Badal to agree.

Ranveer and Nick ask the kids not to go anywhere. They stand with Nick. They all leave. Pallavi breaks the dream and gets up. She thinks it was just a dream.


Apnapan 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandita scolds Harsh. She says Nick saved that house, Pallavi and her kids will take everything. Nick and Pallavi argue.

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Telecast Date:16th August 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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