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Apnapan 12th October 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi asking Barkha and Manna to go, she will stay here and take care of diya. Barkha says no, we will stay with you, dad called and ordered us. Manna teases Pallavi. Pallavi thinks I shouldn’t worry about Sonali. It starts raining. Manna and Barkha ask Pallavi to come. Pallavi says I can’t leave the diya.

They get an umbrella. Manna says we will make a reel. Pallavi makes a reel with them. Silsila ye chahat ka….plays… Manna posts the reel. Sonali looks on. Nick is on the way. He thinks of Pallavi. He gets stuck in the rains. Sonali says I insulted Pallavi in real life, she still cares for reel, where did Nandita go.

Nandita says thanks for coming on my call. Ranveer says I had to come. He gives his resignation. She asks what, we can sit and talk about this. He says there is nothing to talk, I can’t be a part of this. She says about Nick and Pallavi’s marriage, sorry, I can’t help you, mum wants them to marry, she invited you personally,

you want Pallavi’s happiness, right. He says yes, I want her happiness, but I can’t be a part of this happiness, I don’t have courage. She says I understand. He says please sit, we can have coffee and talk a bit. Nick answers the video call and asks how is Pallavi. Manna shows Pallavi to him. Nick says my car broke down.

Pallavi asks him to take a cab. He says café is nearby, I will go. She says you call after reaching there. Nick calls the jewellery. He says I m coming to take my wife’s jewellery. Nandita asks Ranveer to listen. He faints down. She laughs and says Sonali’s pills worked. Waiter comes. She asks him to go and call Pallavi, ask her to come fast.

She clicks the pic and messages Sonali… a gift for you. Pallavi smiles seeing Manna and Barkha happy. She thinks they really love me, Nick also worries for me, I know my family’s imp. She gets a call. The man says Sir fell down. She asks what, at the café? He says yes, come fast. She thinks to go to café and get Nikhil.

She asks Barkha and Manna to take care of diya, don’t tell Dadi that I went out. She goes. Sonali smiles and messages Nandita. She says today I will see Saas and bahu fight, Dadi will break the marriage. Nick likes the necklaces. He says I m confused, which one shall I buy. He praises his wife.

The jewellery laughs. Nick describes her looks. Pallavi comes to the café and says nothing will happen to Nick. Nandita says he is unconscious. Pallavi runs and sees Ranveer. Nandita goes on call. Pallavi says you said Sir fell down. Waiter says yes, I m on duty. She attends Ranveer.

Dadi asks neighbors to come. She praises Pallavi. The children cover up. The ladies ask is Pallavi there or not. Barkha stands in Pallavi’s place. Sonali says she is here, look at her pallu. Nandita asks how did this happen, Lalita and Shanky left, we got a big order, I m also going there, why don’t you take him to doctor.

Pallavi says we will call doctor here. Nandita says I tried hard to call a doctor. Pallavi asks where is Nick. Nandita says he went in a meeting. She goes. Pallavi asks Ranveer to get up. She says I have to reach home fast. Manna says you are staring at mum. Gagan asks Dadi to say something, they are troubling Pallavi.

Dadi says yes, come in, she would be tired, she is fasting. Badal and Gagan ask them to go in. Gagan says we got saved, thanks Maasi, you saved us. Sonali says welcome, close the hall door. She asks Barkha to go inside, she will manage.

She stands there. She sends the kids. Nick comes home. Sonali stands in Pallavi’s place. She thinks when Dadi learns this, she will hate Pallavi. Nick smiles and comes to her. He says see what I got, Pallavi. He says you used to ask me to get these flowers every day, move the pallu now. Sonali turns to him.

He gets shocked. She says sorry, Pallavi had to go out for urgent work, so I m protecting the diya. He says sorry, I thought its Pallavi. She says don’t tell anything to Dadi. He nods and goes. Sonali gets mango chutney and says mango means Nikhil’s allergy. She makes the sandwich for him. He eats it and asks did you see Pallavi. She says no. She thinks sorry Nick, you have to bear some pain. He coughs. She asks what happened. He says mango…. Help me. She holds him and shouts for help.

The kids and Dadi come. They see Nick unconscious. Mannu asks did dad eat mango. Dadi goes to call Pallavi. She doesn’t see Pallavi. She asks where did she go, did she lie to me, how can this happen. Pallavi brings Ranveer home. Dadi looks at her and Ranveer. The lady says Nick is inside, Pallavi got a stranger along, what’s happening here. Dadi stops her. Pallavi says I will tell you everything. Dadi cries and says you know the meaning of leaving Akhand jyot.


Apnapan 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi apologizes to Dadi. Dadi gets upset. Sonali thinks Pallavi will get weak. Nandita says Ranveer fell down, the call came to Pallavi, not Lalita and Shanky.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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