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Apnapan 11th October 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi saying I m doing this for Maa. Nick asks her to have tea. She says I have a fast. He says no one is seeing you here. She says I can’t break mum’s trust, I have a fast, I will break the fast later. Nick notes down his good and bad habits. She makes him write the bad habits.

Gagan says Ranveer used to pay the electricity bill. Nandita says you guys are close to Ranveer, something happened, was there any problem. Gagan and Badal get the food parcel. They leave. Sonali asks are you fine, why are you talking of Ranveer. Nandita says my mind is running sharp.

Sonali says I will manage it myself. Nandita says relax, you will get Nick, we have to snatch Pallavi’s only support, divide and rule, separate Maa and Pallavi, because my mum is Pallavi’s only support, then mum will hate her, our work will get easy. Sonali asks why are you bringing Ranveer in this.

Nandita says relax, I will tell you. Nick asks Pallavi to tell her bad habits. She says I drink much tea, that’s it. He asks do you have just one bad habit. She says yes, what shall I do. He says there is one more bad habit, you never accept truth, look here, its true, every colour suits you, will you wear this. She says yes.

They smile. Manna comes and jokes seeing them. She says I will select the jewellery. Pallavi shows the imitation jewellery. Nick thinks Pallavi just has imitation jewellery. Pallavi gets ready. Dadi compliments her. Manna says dad chose her outfit. Dadi asks Pallavi to light the Akhand jyot.

Dadi adds the ghee and lights the diya. He asks Pallavi will she sit till the sunset. She asks what, you are going. Manna says you both should spend time, dad this is not done. Sonali comes. She thinks Nick has to come to meet me now. She messages Nick.

Pallavi says go for work, come back soon. Nick smiles and leaves. He checks the message. Sonali waits for him. Pallavi comes and asks why did you call Nick here. She recalls deleting Sonali’s message.

Sonali says you deleted my message. Pallavi asks whats the problem here, what do you want. Sonali says you can’t hear it. They argue. Pallavi says we are doing this for Maa. Sonali says you want to know the truth. Dadi asks who has cut off Ranveer’s name. Gagan says we didn’t do, he is part of our family.

Dadi calls Ranveer. Sonali asks Pallavi to see Nick and herself. She taunts Sonali. She asks do you still think he loves you. Pallavi says yes, he loves me. Sonali says you are a middle class ordinary woman, Nick gets attention from many girls, he won’t give you attention. She scolds Pallavi and sends her away.

Nandita claps for Sonali and says this is called Sonali’s effect, I m very happy, stay alert, Pallavi isn’t foolish. Sonali says she is insecure, that’s working for me, Pallavi thinks she doesn’t deserve Nick, she will always doubt him even if he loves her, I will get my rights. Nandini says but so much confidence. Sonali says Pallavi accepted that Nick cheated her, her low self esteem, I m using it today also.

Nandita says I m so impressed with you. she goes. Dadi calls Ranveer and invites him in the wedding. She says just come. He says sorry, I can’t come. Dadi says Ranveer hanged up the call. Nandita says I feel Ranveer is avoiding everyone, don’t know why. She goes. Dadi says she is saying right. Pallavi thinks am I not deserve of Nick.


Apnapan 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nick eats something and faints. Pallavi and Ranveer come. Sonali says its good that we got the injection on time.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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