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Apnapan 10th October 2022 Episode starts with Nandita asking is Pallavi mad. Badal and Barkha argue. Gagan says I have to go for bath first. Manna says I m the eldest, I will go first. They all fight. Neighbor ladies come home.

The towel falls on the ladies. They turn away. Lady says someone was asking for your address to give this card. They ask what is it. The card falls down. They argue. Pallavi asks them to get quiet. She asks Sonali to talk to doctor. She asks about the medicines. Sonali lies to him. He asks what name did you say about your sickness.

Sonali checks on net and says depression and panic disorder. He says she is hurting herself due to her mental condition. Pallavi says we will do blood tests and know from reports. He says yes, I will check the reports myself.

Sonali worries. Doctor takes the blood sample. Pallavi goes to the kids. Manna says I approved the card’s first page, I will see it first. Nani comes. The water falls down on the card. Pallavi asks why so much noise, doctor has come home. The lady says your kids made the card fall. Nani says its okay, it’s just water. Dadi says it’s the first card, read it and keep it in temple.

She asks Barkha to make a video, Nick will read the card. Nick reads the invitation card and smiles. He is shocked to read Nikhil Jaisingh weds Sonali. They all get shocked. Sonali comes. Nandini smiles and says this is called real love. He says shut up, it got printed by mistake. Badal asks how did this happen, I checked before printing the card. Sonali asks how can printing get wrong.

The lady says congrats Sonali. Dadi says Pallavi is the bride. The lady says Sonali had sindoor in her maang that day. Manna says Badal, they are getting embarrassed because of you. The lady says the truth came out. Sonali says don’t know how is this happening. Barkha says another drama today. Badal says I really checked. Manna says mom is so upset. Pallavi takes the card.

She asks Harsh to give a pen. She says we will end this misunderstanding forever. She strikes off Sonali’s name and writes Pallavi there. Pallavi says Badal, you have to get new cards printed, even date is wrong mentioned, our marriage won’t happen after two months but next week, right Nick.

Dadi and Nani get happy. Sonali asks why. Pallavi says yes, misunderstandings happen a lot, once Nick and I get married, your life’s misunderstandings will end forever. Nandita signs Sonali. Nick says Pallavi is right. Dadi says this decision is right. Pallavi says count down begins, Nick and I will be together in 7 days. Dadi whistles. They all laugh.

Dadi hugs Nick and Pallavi. Nani asks the ladies to go. The lady says we will meet soon in the wedding. Dadi asks them to come. She makes teams for the bride and groom. Nick flirts with Pallavi. They all take a selfie. Sonali gets angry seeing them. Nandita says its so irritating, what did the doctor say.

Sonali says I fooled you, I will change the entire game. Nandita says good luck. Dadi asks Nick to hold Pallavi. Nick says remember the Agra moment. Pallavi says photographer was clicking our pic at Taj Mahal. Nick says he said the same line, you were too drunk. She says not me, you were drunk.

He jokes and says Manna came after nine months. She smiles. Manna clicks their selfie. Badal says take the marriage vows again, you have to express your feelings. Gagan says its good idea, make new promises. Barkha says terms and conditions will be of mum. Manna says dad just has to say yes boss. Nandita says it’s a bright idea, but who taught this to you. Badal says Ranveer uncle.

Manna says its okay, the idea is superb. Dadi gives the Akhand jyot to Pallavi and asks her to keep it first during the marriage rituals, the diya should always keep lighting. Nick asks is this necessary. Dadi says you should believe this. Nani says the coming future should be good. Dadi says the diya should keep lighting, if you don’t do this, children can do this, you have to keep the fast,

I m sure that you can do this for Nick. She hugs Pallavi and blesses. Sonali and Nandita look on. Nandita says its time to add some salt in this sugar. They leave. Badal and Gagan come to the restaurant. They see Nandita. She asks them to sit. They say we came to take food parcel for home. She asks them aren’t they bored to talk sweet things. She says there should be some spice. Gagan says you mean some gossip. She says yes. She smiles.


Apnapan 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranveer is drunk. He says Ranveer loves Pallavi. Pallavi and Nick argue. She gets a call about Nick’s accident. Sonali says game will become more interesting.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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