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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th September 2021 Rani sees a snake. She recalls she asked the owner to come to the address and bring the snake and get money to catch his own snake. He said but what if she finds out this snake isn’t poisonous? Rani said she won’t know. Sooraj screams snake.. Someone, please save him. the servants are scared too. Rani says don’t worry I am here. Sooraj cries. Rani catches the snake. She says how dare you try to scare my Sooraj? Vijya says throw him out, please. Rani takes him out.

Rani brings the snake to the guru ji. His man says the venomous snake was sent there instead of the other one. They run. Rani says take your snake. They are scared. The man says it’s poisonous. It can kill you. Rani is scared. she leaves the snake. Rani says where did it go? Rani says catch him, please. The snake is about to bite Vijya. Rani sits in front of her. The snake comes towards them. Rani is scared. She places milk there. The snake goes to it. Guru ji picks it. VIjya gives them money.

Punita says to Rani you are so brave. You risked your life for her. Vijya says you did a great thing. You saved my and my son’s life and risked your life. I am in debt. You can ask for anything. Rani says saving a life is a pious deed. Rani says nothing for now. She sees Veer’s missed calls. Vijya says you can go but this time I won’t let you go empty handed. Rani says I need to wash my face.

Scene 2
Nandini cooks. Champa says now you will know difficult it is. The food burns. Jai comes and says what is this smell. He says if you can’t cook then why did you waste all this? Nandini says I will fix it. He says you will ruin it even more. Champa says I will make it. Nandini says you could help me. Jai says she’s not well and you want her to work? Nandini says she was my maid. He says this is my house. We take care of them. He says Champa go rest. Champa says no I will help her. Nandini says mind your own business. I don’t need your help.

Nandini says haldi is over. Champa adds extra salt in the food.

Scene 3
Veer calls Nandini and says I was thinking I should pick you. Sooraj says Radhika ji.. Veer says who was that? Rani says I am in college. I will come myself don’t worry.

Nandini serves the food. Champa says we cooked the food together. Nandini says shut up. Stop being a liar. I made it all. Jai tastes it and says this is poison. It’s so salty. Nandini says please listen. He leaves in anger.

Scene 4
Kajri serves the food to everyone. She says please eat. Rajeshwari says is this food? My servants eat better than this. Even jail had better food. rajmata says you know we are out of money. Rajeshwari says why am I going through all this. We have to do something.

Vijya gives two gold bangles to Rani. Rani says how can I keep it? She says I am thanking you. Keep it. Wear it. Sooraj says it will look good on you. Vijay says take off these bangles. Rani says it’s a gift. Sooraj says in heart is she related to Rajawat family? That Veer was buying bangles.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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