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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th October 2021 Episode starts with Gajri hoping to knock on Vikram’s heart and says I am coming to you. She sees Vikram with Rajeshwari. Vikram says you said right, we shall forget and agrees for Aditi’s proposal. Rajeshwari says it is happening for your happiness. Rani thinks Jai will confess all his truth under bhang effect. Nandini comes there to do puja.

Rani thinks she feels bad to see her in pain and thinks she will make Jai mend his ways. Rajmata asks Rani to do aarti. Rani says let doctor saheb and Jai Saheb shall come. Rajmata asks Servant to call Jai and Veer. Jai comes there and greets Rajmata. He stumbles while walking. Rani thinks he is a foolish man, no trick fails infront of him. Nandini asks what happened to you, you are drunk in day time.

He says I am in wine effect and asks her to be quiet. He says you are lecturing me, did you forget what has happened, I will remind you. Nandini asks him to hear. Rani thinks just touch her, then I will show you. Jai falls on Nandini’s feet and asks God, why did you make me do the sin? Nandini asks him to get up. Jai says I misbehaved with you, and if I don’t apologize to you, then you will leave me. He says I was in darkness that I couldn’t see your truth. He says nobody lies in drunk effect and tells that he loves her a lot.

Nandini says I am with you, I was upset with you, but never left to love you. Jai asks did you forgive me? Nandini nods yes. Jai hugs her. Champa gets shocked. Jai says you are devi and thanks God for giving innocent wife, who came in his talks. He says Nandini, you are my life, I love you. Rani thinks if he is changed for better. Nandini says I love you too, and says we shall do aarti and start our relation afresh. Jai says I have done many sins, and can’t go inside the temple drunk. He asks her to do aarti and says he will watch her. Rajmata asks Nandini to come. She begins doing the aarti.

Jai comes to Rani and says this is not our first fight, I know when and what you are thinking? He says I am one step ahead of you. He recalls asking Servant if he made the juice. Servant says bhabhisa asked me. Jai says I can identify the smell of bhang and asks her to concentrate on her life, else he will send her back. Rani says I can close this matter for once and all, but I will make plan to make you rag from rich.

Nandini is happy in her room. Rani thinks I have to break her illusion, she can’t come in his talks. She calls her. Nandini says bhabhisa and hugs her. She says did you see what Jai said, he loves me even now. She says forgive me that I didn’t tell you the truth, but now everything is fine. She says she can’t believe that Jai is apologizing to me, and asks if she is happy. Rani thinks she shall not tell her anything.

Nandini asks if you are happy. Rani says I am happy as you are happy, nothing is important than your happiness. She hears Veer’s voice. Rani goes to see. Veer sits on the stairs railing. Rajmata, Rajeshwari and others ask him to come out. Veer says he is drunk. Rani thinks he has taken bhang tablet. Veer says I want justice. Rajeshwari asks him to come down and says she will talk. Rani asks what do you want? Veer asks if you all will get justice for me and fulfill my demands.

They agree. Veer says I want to remarry. Rani asks what? Veer says I want to remarry Rani only, but this time the marriage shall be lavish with all the rituals. Rajeshwari asks from where this thought came in his mind? He says he heard her planning Vikram’s marriage. He says my wishes are not fulfilled last time. Rajmata says we will get his marriage done. Rajeshwari says I will get you married. Veer says I love you, you are world’s best and deadly mother. Rajeshwari asks him to come down. Veer says I have one more demand and asks Rani to say I love you infront of everyone.

Rani asks how can I say infront of everyone. He says from your heart. Mausa ji asks her to say. Rani says I will come up and say. She goes upstairs and asks him to come back, then she will say. He goes back to balcony. Rani says come to room. Veer asks her to say I love you Veer Singh Rajawat, I am just yours. She says she will say and asks him to come to room.

In the night, someone peeps in Vikram’s room and goes. Vikram goes behind her and asks who was she/he? He switches on the lights and asks where are you going? She says to ask for mannat. Vikram says if she needs help. Gajri says you are not innocent, not to know why am I angry? She goes. Vikram thinks he shall step back from his marriage decision.

Rani brings Veer to their room. Veer says my third condition is our honeymoon. He asks her to say I love you. Rani says I love samosa. He sleeps. She thinks she can fight with the world for his happiness.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2021
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