Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update


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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th October 2021 Episode starts with Jai bringing the necklaces for Champa and Nandini. Champa asks him to show the necklace. She chooses the necklace and tells that she will take. Rani hears them. Jai asks Champa to make tea for him. Rani calls Nandini there and shows the necklace. Nandini gets happy seeing the necklaces. Jai says both are for Nandini, I will give her in different function.

Rani thinks she shall trigger Champa’s anger. Nandini selects the necklace chosen by Champa. Rani asks Champa to come and asks her to get Nandini get ready, as she is busy. Jai folds his hands. Champa goes. Rani says Jai Mata Rani. Rani is busy in the arrangements and asks Champa why she didn’t go to help Nandini get ready. Jai folds his hands. Rani asks her to go. Champa goes.

Kiara comes to Vikram’s room. Vikram omes and says hi. She asks why did you call me here? He says they need privacy. She asks him to tell why he called. He asks her not to show tantrums, as she has agreed for marriage. She says it is not easy to handle her. Vikram asks her to sit and tells that he has understood that she is very important to him and will make her Rani. She asks what you will do?

He says I will become your slave. He says he has realized late. She says you talk much. He says you are my life’s judge and I will agree to your decisions. He makes her sit and ties stole to her hand. They get emotional. Vikram and Kiara smiles. She keeps her head on his shoulder. Music plays…….

Champa comes to Nandini’s room. Nandini asks why did you come to my room. Champa says Rani sent me to help you. Nandini says Rani doesn’t know about your truth else would have kicked you out. Champa says you are getting happy to take my necklace. Nandini says the necklace and Jai, both are mine and you have no right on anything. Champa twists her hand. Rani comes there. Nandini asks Champa to leave her if the lace is tied. Champa goes. Rani says everyone is waiting for you. Nandini goes. Rani thinks why Nandini didi is hiding the truth.

Kiara and Rani come to the hall. Rajmata asks where is Nandini? Rani says she must be coming. Gajri looks upset. Nandini comes there. Rani asks Jai to propose Nandini and say something. Rani gets up and goes to Nandini. He says I loved you at first sight and my life shall go on seeing you. He then looks at Champa fuming with anger. Nandini smiles. Everyone claps.

A waiter collides with Nandini and makes the juice fall on her. Nandini says I will go and clean it. Rani thinks your one wrong step and you will fall in the pit. Vikram comes to Kiara and tells the start was dangerous, but then also the moments spent with you, was the most beautiful moment of my life. He says I love you Kiara. Kiara says I love you too. Everyone claps. Gajri cries standing far. He opens the box and says all our special moments. Gajri goes from there. Kiara hugs him. Vikram tells Veeer that it is his turn now. He says we have never sees Dr. Veer expressing his love.

Veer comes to propose Rani and says when I have seen jhalli Rani on the road of Jaipur, I was surprised and thought which item he has sent. He says when I saw you at my house, I was very surprised. He says when she became dear to him, he never knew. Vikram gets a call and goes. Veer says I didn’t know when I flew in her love, and wishes to swim in the life boat looking at her. Rajeshwari and Rajmata get emotional. Rani also gets emotional and hugs Veer. Everyone claps. Just then they hear noise.

Veer says I will go and check. Vikram falls down. Gajri has hit him on his head. Rani and Veer ask Kiara what sound was it? Kiara says I made that sound, and makes an excuse. Rani asks her to come with Vikram. Veer says you have spoiled their romance. Kiara turns to Gajri and sees her keeping knife on Vikram’s head. She recalls coming to room and seeing Vikram unconscious. She hits Kiara and keeps knife on Vikram’s head, asking her to do as she said.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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