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Anupama 6th October 2022 Leela walks on stage to receive award from Anupama and Anuj. GK says last year Anupama received award from Leela and this year she is offering it to Leela. Anupama and Anuj offer award to Leela and touch her feet to take her blessings. Dolly says only good happens with good people.

Host asks Leela to spread a few words of wisdom. Leela says she doesn’t know how to speak. Jignesh laughs hearing that. Leela says she is happy to receive award from Anupama and Anuj;

Anupama is not her DIL anymore, but they are related by heart and Anupama always helped them and they call Anupama whenever they need any help, even today she considers Anupama as her daughter. Barkha murmurs there would be trouble because of Anupama today.

Sheela and Chanda warn her to stop lying as they all know her atrocities towards Anupama. Leela warns them to shut up or else she will expose their family issues. They warn her to stop her hypocrisy as everyone who what she and her son did with Anupama and now even her grandson doig same with Kinjal.

Camera focuses on each Shah’s face. Sheela says they know that Leela’s grandson committed adultery and hence Kinjal is divorcing him. Vanraj says its their family issue and nobody has any right to interfere. Hasmukh says its not a place to fight as they have come here to celebrate festival.

Chanda and Sheela ask him to explain it to his daughter. Samar, Pakhi, and Dolly start verbally abusing the women and remind that there are problems even in their houses. Anupama stops their fight and asks to raise a hand in whoever’s house ther are no issues.

She gives a long speech about the petty issues in each family and how they hide and solve it. She says her and Leela’s issues are her issues and she knows to solve them with her supportive husband’s help, so they should stop fighting in Devimaa’s pandal and enjoy the festival. Anuj says lets start the event.

Anupama dances in a Gujrati style on Mor Bani Thanghat Kare… carrying pots. Everyone clap for her after performance. Anuj enacts DJ and says they all will do something special and everyone should dance today.

He plays Dholida.. song and everyone perform garbha with their partners. Toshu joins them. Kinjal notices him and angrily tries to leave, but Toshu forcefully stops her and forcefully dances with her. Anupama rushes to Kinjal’s rescue and has a face-off dance with Toshu. She defeats Toshu,

drags him aside, and says she is his mother in stubbornness and anger. Vanraj takes Toshu from there. Anupama realxes and thinks she shouldn’t spoil her mood today. Vanraj tongue lashes Toshu for visiting navratri event even after denying permission and warns that he is sparing him as he is his son and if he continues this, he will be kicked out of the house and won’t be allowed to meet Pari.

Toshu shouts that he is suffering and is sidelined by Kinjal and Anupama, he can’t even meet his daughter because of them. Vanraj warns him to acknowledge his mistake and accept the punishment or else he will be kicked out of house. Toshu thinks he will not give up so easily.

Anuj plays next garba song. Everyone dance as a couple. Rakhi senses someone’s presence around Pari’s cradle. Vanraj gets angry seeing Pakhi dancing with Adhik. Adhika takes Pakhi aside and insists to kiss her as he cant’t control himself.

She happily agrees. Vanraj searches for them and finds someone else. He then notices them back dancing with everyone. Anupama asks Rakhi to go and dance with everyone and let her take care of Pari. She notices Pari missing with a note in her cradle.


Anupama 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shahs learn that Toshu kidnapped Pari. Kinjal panics. Anupama searches for Toshu and finds Pari’s toy in a temple.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2022
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