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Anupama 5th October 2022 Leela performs Kanya pooja and feeds honey to Pari. Little Anu asks why she fed honey to the baby. Leela says because Pari can’t have food. Kinjal, Kavya, and Anupama discuss that Pari and Little Anu are looking very pretty. Meenu asks her gift after pooja. Leela offers gifts to all the kids.

Little Anu asks why so less money. Leela in her usual rude tone asks her to take it from her papa as he has a lot of money. Hasmukh says she means nanu papa and asks her to take whatever money he has in his pocket.

Leela says in that sense, Meenu should also get money and should be treated equally. Hasmukh ignores her and lets Little Anu take money from his pocket. Pakhi takes Pari and pampers her. Toshu looks emotional seeing that.

Leela says today’s pooja was performed really well, they all should visit garba pandal tomorrow on timere as there are many competitions and awards this time like best family award. Kavya asks if there would be best jodi and best dancer competition even this time. Leela says yes, Pari will get best child award and Toshu Kinjal a best couple.

Vanraj asks her to think well before speaking. Leela says they all separated her grandson from the festivities. Rakhi says because of his deeds. Leela asks what did he do. Anupama asks if she doesn’t consider his mistake as a mistake. Leela asks if they will kill her grandson for his mistake.

Kinjal says if Toshu participates in garba night, then she will not attend it as she doesn’t want him to come in front of Pari of Little Anu. Hamukh, Samar, and Rakhi say even they will not visit garba night if Toshu visits it. Anupama says everyone will attend it except Toshu. Toshu determines to visit the event at any cost.

Next day, Shahs get ready for garba night. Jignesh joins them. Leela frowns seeing Kinjal ready and comments that she looks happy barring her grandson form attending garba night. Vanraj says Kavya will not attend garbha as she had some important work. Jignesh flirts with Rakhi as usual.

Leela yells that everyone are happy except her grandson. Vanraj warns her not to talk about it now. Toshu sitting in a park cries looking at Pari’s photos and justifies his sins saying everyone are highlighting his mistake but not the reason behind it, they have blocked him from attending garba night, they see his anger but not pain.

He accuses Anupama for all his problems. Shahs enter garba pandal and are surprised to learn that Anupama and Anuj are guests of honor. Leela and Pakhi get jealous and comment. Samar shuts Pakhi’s mouth.

Anuj and Anupama with GK and Little Anu enter the venue. Meenu takes Little Anu away to play with her. Dolly and GK assures to take care of them. Anuj gets mesmerized by Anupama’s beauty and admires her. She feels shy and does modeling poses for him. A romantic song plays in the background. Anuj says let us relive our old memories and walks holding her hand.

Anupama senses someone hiding. Toshu watches them hiding, with an evil expression. Sheela and Chanda kaki admire pretty Pari and say this little girl will get best kid award for sure this time. Sheela asks Kinjal if she and Toshu are participating in best couple competition even this time as they look pretty together.

Vimla says they with ther daughter will get best family award. Kinjal gets angry hearing that. Jignesh jokes that there should be best bachelor award also. Hasmukh says GK will win that. Jignesh says he is not single anymore as he is dating Rakhi in his mind. Rakhi frowns hearing that.

Sheel and Chanda admire Little Anu. Leela gets jealous hearing that and yells that Anuj and Anupama should attend their area’s event and not here. Hasmukh says garba community selects chief guests and not chief guests themselves, so she should shut her mouth up. Anuj and Anupama are welcomed as chief guests. Leela yells at Anupama that she has become a celebrity now.

Anupama say she is same as before. Jignesh says Anupama is Leela’s punching bag of taunts. Hasmukh warns him not to speak truth. Anuj says becoming chief guest is just an excuse, they wanted to spend time with their family. Hasmukh describes the value of family and being together.

Leela makes frowning face. Pakhi waits for Adhik. Adhik enters with Ankush and Barkha. Leela yells even they came. Vanraj says its public event. Hasmukh says they are specially invited for the event. Anuj pampers Pari.
Leela notices Pakhi and Adhik’s gestures and warns Vanraj to keep an eye on them. Toshu hiding behind feels jealous and thinks everyone are invited for the event except him.

Show host invites chief guests Anupama and Adhik on stage. Leela yells that if allowed, locality people would make Anuj and Anupama’s temple next to Radha Krishna temple. Host announces that Anuj and Anupama have donated 10 lakhs for poor girls’ education. Ankush and Barkha get jealous hearing that. Jignesh jokes at Leela.

Leela asks Samar to go and check on Toshu as he may harm himself in anger. Vanraj Toshu is just a reaction without action. Leela continues to feel jealous hearing Anuj and Anupama’s praises. Host names Leela for the special award and asks her to come on stage and receive award from chief guests. Leela frowns more more recalling she giving award to Anupama last year.


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