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Anupama 4th September 2021 While returning home, Kavya tells Vanraj that she knew that Anuj Kapadia is handsome, but didn’t know he is so charming. Vanraj remembers Devika excitedly revealing once that college’s most handsome boy was mad behind Anu’s dance. Anu informs Baa over phone that she is on the way home. Kavya comments again that one who have 40 lakhs pay package consider themselves as Ambani, but wasn’t having attitude at all. She asks V where is he lost. He says he was thinking something. She asks if he is thinking about Anuj, if he is Anu’s friend, she can ask him to buy their karkhana/factory. Vanraj says Anuj was Anu’s classmate and not friend. Kavya says even classmates are friends. Vanraj repeats Anuj was not Anu’s friend. Kavya asks how does he know. He says Devika had informed him. She says if not friend, he can become a friend, why don’t we meet Anuj with Anu. He says no as he looks to good to be true and looked too sweet and oversmart than required. She says he is thinking too much, Anuj seems to be a good guy. He angrily asks her to stop talking about Anuj for god’s sake. She says he must be jealous that his thepla-like ex-wife’s friend is like pizza. He repeats not a friend and continues his anger.

Devika asks Anuj if he didn’t go to drop Anu home. Anuj says she said no. He says she would have said no even during college. He says he can try where there is a hope. She says there must be some ray of hope; Anu is without love for 26 years and will not ask from life and he is only in love and will not open up, they both don’t belong to this world. He asks she is bestfriend of them and asks what is this karkhana issue. She says its a long story, Anu’s family has 40 lakhs loan, but she will find out some way out. He says let us dance and dances with her friends on Yeh Kali Kali Anken.. song.

Anu returns home. Kinjal and Pakhi excitedly ask if Anuj is her friend. Kavya says close friends and she and V saw it. Samar says mummy didn’t inform that a big business man is her friend. Baa says she didn’t when they were talking about him. Anu says even she didn’t know. Kavya says they were dancing together. Anu says with everyone. Kavya says only they both were center of attraction, something is between her and Anuj that friends were taking their name, she shouldn’t hide if there is something. Anu says one who does wrong hides like Kavya did for 9 years, she doesn’t think meeting and dancing with college friends is wrong, she felt good dancing with Anuj and other friends, why Kavya has problem when Kavya and V met secretly for 9 years. Kavya and Vanraj look at her fuming. Anu asks Baa to give her knee pain balm. Baa asks for what. Mamaji jokes to apply on elbow. Anu describes how much her knees are aching and how she lost her sandal star. Baa says she already had told her. Kinjal says they are too sweet. Toshu backs her. Pakhi asks if he is same Anu Devika aunty was talking about. Anu says lets not discuss about it. Bapuji says its good she went to party and enjoyed. Baa asks why Vanraj and Kavya had gone there. Kavya says they went to meet another karkhana prospectus buyer and found Anu’s party was happening there itself, good they met Anuj there. Anu goes to freshen up. Kavya asks Pakhi what did Devika tell about Anuj. Pakhi says she forgot and walks away. Kavya thinks something for sure which cannot be talked about, even V was acting groggy.

Anuj returns home. His father/GK scolds him if this is a time to return from party, he shouldn’t return before 5 a.m. He says sorry and walks in. GK says when youngsters party in lieu of going to temple, Anuj is boring. Anuj says what should he do with this male gender mummy. GK laughs and says he told him to make a profile at dating site, but he made my profile instead. Anuj jokes that papa went on 2-3 days instead of him. GK says he saw a girl nearby. Anuj says its called stalking. GK asks him to stop being single, mingle with a girl, and marry her as he wants to see him married before he dies. Anuj says he will live for 200 years. GK says if he wants thim to bring lauki even after becoming fossil fuel. Anuj says I love you GK. GK asks him to say it to a girl. Anuj relaxes with a smile. GK senses it asks if he met Anupama. Anuj shows party dance video and says he can’t believe that Anu danced with him. GK asks if he is thinking about her. Anuj says she must be not thinking about him though.

Anu freshens up and thinks she enjoyed a lot in party and dances on Ankhiyon se goli mare.. song, then feels knee pain and laughs. Kavya angrily asks Kavya why she is praising Anuj so much. Kavya says let us be realistic as Rakhi Dave’s deadline is nearing, why don’t they use Anu’s connection with Anuj and sell their karkhana to him; even if Anu doesn’t befriend with Anuj, they should and make use of it. Anu thinks she will check Samar. Samar walks in. She reading his face asks if he fought with Rohan. He says Rohan was misbehaving with Nandu and hence he couldn’t control himself. Anu says his anger is because of fear and he shouldn’t if he trusts Nandu. Samar says Rohan is Nandu’s first love and what if she returns to him. Anu says that will not happen, if he can do anything for Nandu’s happiness, he should let her go if her happiness is in Rohan; he need not worry as Rohan is Nandu’s past and he is her presence. He asks how was her party. She says good, let us talk about it tomorrow. Devika calls her and asks if she reached home, why did she go so soon as party is still on. Anu asks her to be careful while driving. Devika asks why she and Anuj are same, even he left party midway. Anu asks if she had dinner. Devika says even Anuj didn’t have dinner. Anu says she is feeling sleepy. Devika says even Anuj was feeling sleepy. Anu asks why she is talking about Anuj, she should stop pulling her legs taking his name as she doesn’t to befriend him or do any business with him. Vanraj hears her conversation.

Anuj on the other side hears Jale Man Tera Bhi Kisi Ke Milan ko.. song, picks Anu’s old rose and thinks he spent 26 years waiting for her, she is in trouble and he can help her.


Anupama 4th September 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Pakhi shows Anuj and Anu’s dancing pics and asks Anu if she feeling uncomfortable as he had a crush on her. Kavya taunts if it was one sided or fire was on both sides. Baa taunts Anu that everything is not good at every time or it will trouble their knees and dear ones.

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Telecast Date:4th September 2021
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