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Anupama 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 4th October 2022 Anupama and Anuj pamper Little Anu and explain her its ashthami of the navratri celebration today and kanya pooja of small girls like her will be performed today.

Little Anu says that is why nanu papa/Hasmukh gifted her such a pretty dress. Anupama says she used to wait for this day in her childhood thinking people would invite her to have halwa puri and 1-2 rs gift, childhood is really amazing. Ankush says same with Sara. Anupama says her children Samar, Pakhi, and Toshu..

stops recalling Toshu’s hatred for her. She talks about people’s hypocrisy where they praise a daughter’s birth at other place and get sad when a daughter is born at their own house. Anuj says its time for kanya pooja and then visit nanu papa’s house. Little Anu promises not to trouble anyone there. Anuj asks Anupama to make sure Toshu doesn’t come in front of Little Anu. Anupama says he need not worry.

Two guests visit Anupama. Anupama introduces them to Anuj as her maika’s neighbors Sheela kaki and Chanda mausi. Ankush thinks they must have come for charity. Anuj welcomes them. They talk about garba event in their locality where they help a needy girls’s education from the money they collect during the event and want Anupama to be a chief guest of the idea.

Anuj likes their novel thinking and asks Adhik to bring his cheque book and pen. Adhik, Barkha, and Ankush look at each other’s face. Anuj writes a cheque of huge amount. Women praise him for his kind nature. Anuj explains that his mother used to say that helping someone leads them to heaven.

Ladies thank him and invites him and his family for the garba event. Barkha thinks Anuj doesn’t know that charity begins at home and even drama. She stops ladies and offers them gifts. She then talks about Shah family’s atrocities on Anupama and says Anupama is too good to not expose her ex-in-laws’ atrocities, so they all should expose Shahs. Ladies agree and walk away.

Leela tells family that tomorrow is an auspicious day. Hasmukh jokes if she is going somewhere. Leela says its navami tomorrow and she will bring a family home to talk about Samar’s alliance. Hasmukh asks what is a hurry. Leela says she wants to finish Samar’s wedding as soon as possible.

Pakhi says already there is problem at home, if Samar’s marriage is necessary in all this. Leela yells at her and says she doesn’t want to hinder her grandson’s happiness and wants to introduce families at the garba pandal. Vanraj says there would be many people at the pandal=. Leela says if not tomorrow, she will invite them after 3 days and explain Kinjal not to create any dream there.

Rakhi with Kinjal enters and tongue lashes Leela for trying fix her younger grandson’s marriage on a basis of lies while her elder grandson’s marriage is at the brink of dissolution. Leela says marriages don’t happen on truth. Rakhi says she should highlight how cunning, cruel, fit for nothing her elder grandson is who tried to separate a mother from her daughter; she is sure nobody would give their daughter in such a house after hearing all this.

Samar enters and says he doesn’t want to marry after seeing the condition of marriages in this house. Vanraj says he shouldn’t say that as everyone’s fate is not good. Samar says he is not married, but he has gone through a pain of breakup and has seen people who were madly in love before marriage wanting to kill each other after marriage;

there would be many expectations by the girl over him after marriage and he fears he may fail to fulfill them like Vanraj and Toshu; if there would be problems between him and the girl, their families will suffer; our family has already faced a divorce and is going through another one, so he doesn’t want to marry at all.

Vanraj says people donn’t stop riding a boat in fear of drowning and don’t stop marrying. Hasmukh asks will he stop walking on road if he saw an accident, he should understand that marital bliss is the most happiest part of life and one realizes the value of a partner at an old age.

Rakhi says Samar is right as marriage is a curse especially in this house, and when Anupama couldn’t handle it, how will others handle it. She advices Samar that marrying or not is his decision, and if he does, he should bring his wife to this cage. Vanraj shouts Mrs Dave. Rakhi warns him to lower his voice as she is right.

Vanraj says their family issues are none of her business, they gave her right to speak in Kinjal’s case and will not let her interfere in other issues. Rakhi says this family cannot tolerate truth, her daughter left a lavish life and shifted to this house and got betrayal in return, his family still supports their cheater daughter and he should make sure his wife shouldn’t face Kinjal like situation.

Kinjal advices Samar that she will not a long advice on marriage, but just wants to say that if he wants to marry, he should become like Anuj who is loving, caring, and trustful; trust is most important in marriage and once its broken, then even relationship does. Leela yells not to brainwash her grandson and asks Samar to meet a girl once and only if he likes her, they will take the matter forward or else no. Kavyas back her and says let us start kanya pooja.

Samar informs that Dolly is at office and won’t be able to come, but Anuj and Anupama would be coming. Hasmukh says its good that Anuj and Anupma forgot yesterday’s event and are visiting them. Rakhi hopes there won’t be any drama today. Anupama and Shah family perform kanya pooja.

Little Anu stops Vanraj from touching her feet. Vanraj says he knows, but today she is a Devi for him. Toshu wishes to perform pooja. Vanraj stops her. Toshu says his daughter.. Anupama says even her daughter is here and she doesn’t want him to come near her daughter, so he should leave from there and not to be seen even in pandal.

Leela says anyone can attend a public pandal. Anupama says there is no time to discuss all this. Toshu thinks nobody is respecting his feelings and stopping him from meeting his daughter, he will visit pandal for sure.


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