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Anupama 31st October 2022 Vanraj asks Pakhi to go from Shah house and lead a new life. He says she couldn’t become a good daughter, but she can become a good wife; he thought Adhik is unfit for her, but she deserves Adhik; she should lead her future life in her husband’s house. Anupama asks him not to do that.

Leela says daughter’s bidayi is performed and not kicked out. Vanraj says a daughter who already left home doesn’t deserve bidayi. Kavya also requests Vanraj to calm down and not take a decision in anger.

Vanraj shouts Mrs Pakhi Adhik Mehta leave from from my house. Pakhi walks with reverse feet recalling her bonding with Anuj. Teri Laad Ki Mai Chodungi Na Tera Haath.. song plays in the background. Pakhi with Adhik picks her stuff in and keeps it back in her bag. Anupama cries. A sad poem plays in the background.

Anuj notices Anupama crying and asks Pakhi and Adhik to leave the stuff as they can pick it later. Pakhi cries that papa kicked her out of house. Adhik says they came returned home to family after marriage thinking they would accept us, but they kicked us out of the house. Anuj asks if they thought elders would celebrate, why youngsters never tried to understand their parents;

Pakhi always humiliated her mother and criticized even her right decision, but today she wants her mother to support her wrong decision; Pakhi and Adhik easily told that they were afraid, if they think only they can get afraid and emotional and not their parents. Adhika and Pakhi plead him to help them. Anuj makes them sit in a lawn.

Family tries to calm down Vanraj. Kavya asks if he is fine. Hasmukh comforts Vannraj next. Vanraj breaks down and says he wanted a daughter when Toshu and Samar were born, he loved Pakhi immensely and had dreamt of giving her highest education she deserves and then get her married in a good family, but his daughter didn’t complete even her basic studies.

Hasmukh says when children stop holding parent’s finger, parents should let them understand that both their good decision and mistakes belong to themselves. He explains that a relationship is like a permanent line which cannot be erased like Vanraj and Pakhi relationship and Toshu and Kinjal’s relationship, and just like family accepted their relationship, Vanraj should accept even Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage.

Anuj asks Adhik and Pakhi if they happy now by messing up their families’ lives; says Ankush may accept Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage, but Barkha will never accept. Hasmukh tells Vanraj that he has to accept Pakhi. Leela, Kavya, and Samar also try to convince Vanraj to accept them with examples. Leela says she already warned to get them married before they take any unusual step.

Kavya says Vanraj and Anupama have to a decision now as they are Pakhi’s parents. Samar says we can’t leave them on their own. Anuj enters and says he is not Pakhi or Adhik’s parent, but someone at least;

what if they had gone somewhere else instead of coming home, they should remember their condition when Toshu had escaped with Pari, we shouldn’t forgive them but should abandon them also, they should repeat their mistake if we don’t hold them. He says Anupama and Vanraj are Pakhi’s parents and should take a decision after cally thinking well.

Pakhi cries and asks Adhik if they made a mistake by marying. Adhik says no, he is sure Anuj will help them. Vanraj says they did whatever they wanted to, now he will do whatever he wants to; if they don’t change their decision, even hew will not change his decision.


Anupama 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pakhi asks Anupama where will they go now after Vanraj kicked them out of house. Anupama asks if they think about it when they married. Anuj agrees to take them home and tries to pick Pakhi’s bag. Anupama says let them lift their own burden. Pakhi fails to lift her luggage, Adhik tries to help her.

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Telecast Date:31st October 2022
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